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The Star Wars Universe

News and articles on the Star Wars franchise.
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  5. Star Wars Glossary (57)
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  11. The Clone Wars Film and TV (31)

What Can We Expect from the Disney-Lucasfilm Deal?
What Can We Expect from the Disney-Lucasfilm Deal? - The motivations and effects of Disney buying George's lucrative empire

The Future of the Clones
The Future of the Clones - What happens to 'Clone Wars', now in the hands of Disney nemesis Time Warner?

What Is Lucasfilm Exactly?
What Is Lucasfilm Exactly? - A closer look at exactly what Disney bought

What Star Wars is About: The Cyclical Struggle of Good and Evil
What is Star Wars really about? That's a heavy question. To George Lucas, it's really about Anakin's story, his fall to darkness and return to light. Considering the Expanded Universe, however, it becomes a story about the cyclical struggle between good and evil.

The Star Wars Universe
Information and Resources for the Star Wars franchise - Films, Books, TV, Games, and More

A Jedi Shall Not Know Love
The Jedi Order could have prevented Anakin's fall to the dark side, if only they prepared him for how to deal with loss.

Star Wars Reviews
Review index of Star Wars books, other media, and products.

Jedi as Religion
Is Jedi a religion? The Jedi do have beliefs and practices which fit the characteristics of a religion.

History of the Expanded Universe
The Star Wars Expanded Universe consists of all official Star Wars media outside Episodes I through VI. It covers 5,000 years and contains hundreds of characters over the course of many novels, comics, television series, and other media.

Star Wars Universe Timeline
Timeline of the Old Republic and Rise of the Empire eras of Star Wars, which covers the prequel trilogy and several thousand years before it.

The Music of Star Wars, On Tour
Star Wars: In Concert features a live, full orchestra and chorus, a massive high-definition movie screen and original film props.

Great Moments in Sci-Fi - About.com
Science fiction has often in the past marginalized or derided as not serious literature, but the work of a number of gifted men and women have brought sci-fi into the center of modern entertainment.

Star Wars Tours in Tunisia
Star Wars fans may be more familiar with Tatooine than Tunisia -- but they are one and the same.

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