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Who Are the Workingest Actors in Sci-Fi?

Ty Olsson in Supernatural

You know those actors you see over and over again? Some of them have worked dozens of sci-fi shows, playing everything from Computer Tech #2 to devious alien commanders. I crunched the numbers again and came up with the top 20 from the last five years.

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Roundup: Sci-Fi Central Casting

Monday June 24, 2013
Anthony Head as Paracelsus in (I)Warehouse 13(/i).

Anthony Head as Paracelsus in Warehouse 13.

© Steve Wilkie/Syfy

A couple of stray casting notes as what seems like early summer torpor masks all the productions we've been hearing about over the last year buckling down to business:

The Strain--As if we all weren't excited enough about Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro's promised TV adaptation of his own grisly vampire novel has attracted a name we always enjoy hearing. Deadline says that John Hurt, whose distinctive voice and manner most recently added all kinds of layers to the old dragon on Merlin, has signed onto the pilot for FX, playing Professor Abraham Setrakian, a holocaust survivor now running a pawn shop in Spanish Harlem. Already cast as the other leads are Corey Stoll (who will look familiar to you if you've seen Law & Order: Los Angeles, Midnight in Paris, The Bourne Legacy) and Mia Maestro.

Warehouse 13--And in other Merlin-related news, old king Uther is horning in on Gaius's territory. Anthony Head will be joining Warehouse 13 for a three-episode story arc starting tonight, June 24, playing Machiavellian alchemist Paracelsus. (I love that I have an About link for that.) This after being attached to the CW's reboot of The Selection and to the Percy Jackson sequel we were all sure would never, ever get made.
Tags: The Strain, Guillermo del Toro, Warehouse 13
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Early Schedule Notes for 2013-2014

Monday June 24, 2013
Jonathan Rhys Meyers in (I)Dracula(/i), which will debut after (I)Grimm(/i) in late October.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Dracula, which will debut after Grimm in late October.

© NBCUniversal

The broadcast networks have started announcing their official premiere schedules for the new season, and so far we've heard from NBC and CBS.

NBC has two returning series and one new one. For season 2, Grimm, on the cusp of a big buzz wave thanks to a late-season surge in visibility, was given an extremely high profile early debut in mid-August--and then seemingly had to pay for it with a huge four-month hiatus in the midseason. This year, Grimm is getting a later start: the dark cops-and-anthromonsters series and its new partner, the Victorian-era vampire series Dracula, won't bow until late October. Believe, about an orphaned girl hunted for her special powers, is being held for the second season in early 2014, but the NBC midseason dates have not been specified.

The NBC premieres:Meanwhile, CBS, which hasn't really shown much interest in sci-fi/fantasy since the long-forgotten days of Ghost Whisperer, is definitely holding its microchip-enhanced-agent series Intelligence for the midseason. The CBS premiere:One further scheduling note: The fifth and final season of the original UK version of Being Human comes to BBC America starting on Saturday, July 13. It runs for six episodes.
Tags: Revolution, Grimm, Dracula, Intelligencer, Being Human
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This Week: June 24-July 1

Monday June 24, 2013

This Week: TV | Film | Video | Hardcovers | Paperbacks |

© IFC Films; Aircraft Pictures; Subterranean

This Week: TV
The premiere of Under the Dome, plus much more. Read more...

This Week: Film
Out in cinemas this week: A vampire tale told from an original perspective for once, and we'll all die a horrible, fiery death if this one nondescript white guy doesn't get laid. Read more...

This Week: Video
Two worlds, so close and yet so far apart; a bunch of high schoolers fight the rampaging supernatural effects of an evil tempation-exploiting book; and rescuers of trapped scientists underground encounter all the sci-fi horror cliches. Read more...

This Week: Hardcovers
Willful nanites may be behind an asteroid seemingly targeting Earth; a once-poor girl in Hollywood seeking her lost mother uncovers dark secrets about what the fae want from their unknowing heir; a widely heard skeptic starts suffering a mental breakdown just as he accepts a long-derided truth; a freedom-fighter in a plantation-dominated alternate 19th century America must liberate the leader they need, Lincoln, from a dangerous federal prison; in the afterlife, a heartbroken husband hires an investigator to find his much-mourned wife; and more. Read more...

This Week: Paperbacks
Newly released paperbacks in science-fiction and fantasy this week include books by Aaron Allston, Madeline Ashby, Terry Brooks, Larry Correia, Peter David, Carol Emshwiller, David S. Goyer, Michael Cassutt, Steven L. Kent, John David Krygelski, Anna Laforge, Jeff Lemire, Kelly McCullough, David Nickle, Pamela Palmer, Terry Pratchett, Stephen Baxter, Jamie Quaid, Jennifer Roberson, Kim Stanley Robinson, Jillian Stone, Charles Stross, John Varley, Michael Z. Williamson, and more. Read more...

Tags: Byzantium, Todd & the Book of Pure Evil, The Last Full Measure
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This Week: TV (June 24-July 1)

Monday June 24, 2013

This Week: TV | Film | Video | Hardcovers | Paperbacks |

Rachelle Lefevre in the series premiere of (I)Under the Dome(/i).

Rachelle Lefevre in the series premiere of Under the Dome.

© Michael Tackett/CBS

This Week's TV Listings

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 Listings By Date
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 Movies on TV

TELEVISION—New episodes this week from:

 Falling Skies,
 Primeval: New World,
 666 Park Avenue,
 Teen Wolf,
 True Blood,
 Under the Dome (premiere),
 Warehouse 13.

Synopses below the jump. For details see the listings (regular or alphabetical). For sci-fi/fantasy movies on TV this week go to movie listings.


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