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Quiz: Doctor Who and Regeneration


How well do you know regeneration? Test your trivia knowledge concerning the unique ability of the Time Lords to survive death and change their appearance.
  1. The first time the regenerated Doctor got a line at the end of the regeneration was:
    a) Third Doctor into Fourth (Tom Baker)
    b) Fourth Doctor into Fifth (Peter Davison)
    c) Fifth Doctor into Sixth (Colin Baker)
    d) Ninth Doctor into Tenth (David Tennant)
  2. During the Classic Series, the only regeneration not shown on camera was:
    a) First into Second (Patrick Troughton)
    b) Second into Third (Jon Pertwee)
    c) Third into Fourth (Tom Baker)
    d) Sixth into Seventh (Sylvester McCoy)
  3. The actor who was not present for his own death sequence was:
    a) Tom Baker
    b) Colin Baker
    c) Christopher Eccleston
    d) William Hartnell
  4. Regeneration was originally called:
    a) Regeneration
    b) Rebirth
    c) Rejuvenation
    d) Renewal
  5. Female regeneration is apparently different from the male in that it:
    a) Takes much longer
    b) Requires another Time Lord
    c) Allows her to choose her form
    d) Is impossible
  6. Which Doctor didn’t suffer from amnesia after regenerating?
    a) Seventh (Sylvester McCoy)
    b) Fifth (Peter Davison)
    c) Eighth (Paul McGann)
    d) Fourth (Tom Baker)
  7. The only Doctor to be intentionally murdered by a villain was:
    a) First (William Hartnell)
    b) Third (Jon Pertwee)
    c) Fourth (Tom Baker)
    d) Seventh (Sylvester McCoy)
  8. The only regeneration not bridged by companions carrying over was:
    a) Second into Third
    b) Third into Fourth
    c) Sixth into Seventh
    d) Ninth into Tenth


  1. c) The Sixth Doctor talks (rather smugly) to Peri at the end of "Caves of Androzani."
  2. b) At the end of "The War Games," we see the Second Doctor's spinning face, but when we see him again, falling out of the TARDIS in "Spearhead from Space," he's already regenerated.
  3. b) Colin Baker refused to return for the regeneration sequence at the beginning of "Time and the Rani," for the very good reason that he had been sacked from the show.
  4. d) The Second Doctor talks about his "renewal" in "Power of the Daleks."
  5. c) When Romana regenerated in "Destiny of the Daleks," she tried on a number of forms before choosing that of Princess Astra (Lalla Ward). (The Rani, in "Mark of the Rani," confirms that this is a female ability.)
  6. d) The Fourth Doctor, apart from a few bizarre costume changes and a bit of babbling, becomes normal (for him) fairly quickly in "Robot."
  7. c) The Master kills the Fourth Doctor at the end of "Logopolis." (The Sixth Doctor was killed by the Rani, but that was an accident.)
  8. a) The Time Lords sent Jamie and Zoe home before forcing the Second Doctor to regenerate in "The War Games." Runner-up: Seventh into Eighth, but the Seventh Doctor had no companions, and this lack of companions was carried over to the Eighth (he met up with Grace shortly thereafter).

How well did you do?

  • 0-3: Maybe you could use a regeneration.
  • 4-6: Pretty good. You get a free trip to the planet Barcelona.
  • 7-8: Good job! Twelve more regenerations for you!

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