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Diaries Casts Its Original Vampire

By February 19, 2011

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Joseph Morgan as Troy in (I)Hex(/i).

Joseph Morgan as Troy in Hex.


Klaus, the long-bruited "original vampire" on The Vampire Diaries, has finally found a fleshly form.

They've been leading up to this all season, with regular mentions of the hitherto-unseen villain, and over a hundred actors tried out for the role. The winner is British actor Joseph Morgan, who was first widely seen in the UK series Hex as gorgeous ladykiller Troy.

Morgan had minor roles in Master and Commander (2003) and Oliver Stone's Alexander (2004); his upcoming projects include Immortals and the ABC/CBC miniseries Ben Hur.

In the original novels by L.J. Smith, Klaus, the vampire who turned Katherine (the scheming vampire who seduced the Salvatores), plays a background role until, in Dark Reunion, he faces a showdown with Elana, Stefan, and Damon that demonstrates just how hard it is to kill him.

So isn't it bizarre that both Diaries and CW stable-mate are both revolving around the idea of elementally powerful "originals" this season? Plain old vampires aren't scary enough anymore--now we need ubervamps. (Probably because the regular vamps are too busy romancing teenagers, snarking with raised eyebrows, and scarfing down tumblers of whisky...)
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