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The Story of Robots - Inventors - About.com
The acclaimed Czech playwright, Karel Capek, made famous the word robot, the Czech word for forced labor or serf. Capek introduced the word in his play ...
Forex Robots - An Introduction to Forex Robots
A forex robot is a piece of software that analyzes the market based on settings entered by the user. A forex robot makes automated trades that can be carried out ...
Timeline of the History of Robots - Inventors - About.com
1921 - The term "robot" was first used in a play called "R.U.R." or "Rossum's Universal Robots" by the Czech writer Karel Capek. The plot was simple: man ...
What is a forex robot? - Forex Trading - About.com
These robots run on metatrader as "expert advisers" and they can do anything from giving you a signal to place a trade, to placing and managing the trade for ...
How to Use Java Robocode to Operate a Robot - About.com
import robocode.util.*; import java.awt.Color; /** * SpiderPig - designed to beat the sample.Fire Robot */ public class SpiderPig extends AdvancedRobot { double  ...
The Definition of a Robot - Inventors - About.com
A robot can be defined as a programmable, self-controlled device consisting of electronic, electrical, or mechanical units. More generally, it is a machine that ...
Table Tennis Glossary - What is a Table Tennis Robot?
A table tennis robot is a machine that is capable of simulating some aspects of a table tennis training partner. Robots can be very useful for training technique or ...
Before You Buy a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - Housewares/Appliances
What you need to know before you buy a robotic vacuum. Learn more about robotic vacuums before buying. Robot vacuum buying tips.
CROBOTS: C-Robots - Corewar, the War of the Programmers
CROBOTS is a programming game inspired by RobotWar and released as Shareware by Tom Poindexter in December 1985. The object of CROBOTS is to write ...
Copy and Paste Sample robots.txt Files for Your Website
These sample robots.txt files will show you how to do various things with your robots.txt file. You can allow every robot everywhere or you can block specific ...
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