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Timeline of the History of Robots - Inventors - About.com
1921 - The term "robot" was first used in a play called "R.U.R." or "Rossum's Universal Robots" by the Czech writer Karel Capek. The plot was simple: man ...
The Story of Robots - Inventors - About.com
The story of robots are machines replacing human beings and a few famouse robots.
The Definition of a Robot - Inventors - About.com
A robot can be defined as a programmable, self-controlled device consisting of electronic, electrical, or mechanical units. More generally, it is a machine that ...
Forex Robots - An Introduction to Forex Robots - Forex Trading
A forex robot is a piece of software that analyzes the market based on settings entered by the user. A forex robot makes automated trades that can be carried out ...
Top 10 Robot Movies - Hollywood Movies - About.com
A list of the 10 best robot movies including films such as I, Robot, Short Circuit, and The Iron Giant.
Robot Toy Inventor - For Kids Who Love Toys - Inventors - About.com
Robot Toy Inventor - For Kids. Dogs, cats, action figures, dinosaurs, and dolls! These are just some of the new wave of toys that walk, talk, do tricks, and ...
Robotics - Professional Robots and Robiotics - Amateur Robots
Professional and amateur robotic sites - robot kits - parts - electronic supplies - build a model for battlebots - robot wars - model competitions.
Copy and Paste Sample robots.txt Files for Your Website
These sample robots.txt files will show you how to do various things with your robots.txt file. You can allow every robot everywhere or you can block specific ...
What is a Robot or Robotic Vacuum? - Housewares/Appliances
The definition of what robotic vacuums are and why they are handy cleaning tools; and can it replace a canister or upright vacuum cleaner?.
How to Handle Web Robots on Your Site and Server
A Web robot is a program that automatically and recursively traverses a Web site retrieving document content and information. The most common types of Web ...
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