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Timeline of the History of Robots - Inventors - About.com
1921 - The term "robot" was first used in a play called "R.U.R." or "Rossum's Universal Robots" by the Czech writer Karel Capek. The plot was simple: man ...
The Story of Robots - Inventors - About.com
A robot by definition is "an automatic device that performs functions normally ascribed to humans or a machine in the form of a human." ...
The Definition of a Robot - Inventors - About.com
A robot can be defined as a programmable, self-controlled device consisting of electronic, electrical, or mechanical units. More generally, it is a machine that ...
The History of Robots - Inventors - About.com
Who invented the term robots? In 1956, George Devil and Joseph Engelberger formed the world's first robot company, but writers have been dreaming about ...
Top 10 Robot Movies
A list of the 10 best robot movies including films such as I, Robot, Short Circuit, and The Iron Giant.
How to Handle Web Robots on Your Site and Server
A Web robot is a program that automatically and recursively traverses a Web site retrieving document content and information. The most common types of Web ...
Robot Toy Inventor - For Kids Who Love Toys - Inventors - About.com
Robot Toy Inventor - For Kids. Dogs, cats, action figures, dinosaurs, and dolls! These are just some of the new wave of toys that walk, talk, do tricks, and ...
What is a forex robot? - Forex Trading - About.com
The most popular robots for retail traders are built around the Metatrader platform . These robots run on metatrader as "expert advisers" and they can do anything ...
Robot Movies for Kids - List and Links - Kids' Movies & TV - About.com
It's clear from the number of robot movies that we have a fascination with artificial intelligence, and kids in particular seem to love a good robot movie. If you have ...
Robotics - Professional Robots and Robiotics - Amateur Robots
Professional and amateur robotic sites. Ordering robot kits, parts and general electronic supplies. How to build a robot. Robot wars and places to compete with  ...
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