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Rod Powers Biography - US Military - About.com
Biography for Rod Powers, the About.com expert for the United States Military.
What Is a Power of Attorney? - Wills & Estate Planning - About.com
A Power of Attorney is a legal document where you delegate your right to manage your property to someone else.
Powers of the United States Congress
Specific powers of the U.S. Congress established by the Constitution.
Separation of Powers - Definition - American History - About.com
The term separation of powers originated with the Baron de Montesquieu, a French enlightenment writer. However, the actual separation of powers amongst  ...
Separation of Powers: A system of checks and balances
Separation of powers forms the cornerstone of the constitutional framework envisioned by the Founding Fathers to ensure a form of government in which no  ...
How To Fix a Computer That Turns On But Displays Nothing
Verify that your PC has fully power cycled. In other words, make sure your computer has completely reset - make sure that it's coming on from a completely  ...
Will Your Power of Attorney Work for Your Retirement Plans?
... your assets without a Power of Attorney. But even if you do have a Power of Attorney, beware - it may be useless when it comes to 401(k)s, IRAs and annuities.
Constitutional Powers of the Presidency - from About.com
Presidential Powers granted by the U.S. Constitution, from your About.com Guide .
Two Tests to Measure Your Psychic Powers - Paranormal Phenomena
WE ALL HAVE telepathic powers to some degree, according to the psychic community, we just need to learn how to develop them. That's easy for them to say ...
What Is the War Powers Act?
War Powers Act FAQ: How the War Powers Act of 1973 requires US presidents to seek congressional authorization to engage US troops in hostilities for longer ...
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