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What Is the Horizon Line in Drawing? - Drawing/Sketching - About.com
The horizon line in perspective drawing is a horizontal line across the picture. It is always at eye level - its placement determines where we seem to be looking ...
Horizon Line -- Art Glossary Definition - Painting - About.com
An easy-to-understand explanation of what the term horizon line means when talking about perspective in a painting.
Understanding Horizon Line in Art Perspective - Painting - About.com
An easy-to-understand explanation of what the horizon line in art perspective is.
Painting Problem Solver -- Straight Lines and Horizons
Discover the solution to the problem of painting straight lines or horizons on a canvas.
Two Ways to Straighten a Skewed Horizon in Photos
Click at one point on the horizon, the hold the mouse button and drag across, releasing the mouse button at the other end of the horizon. In other words, drag a  ...
The Horizon League - College Admissions - About.com
Horizon League - Learn about the 10 universities in the Horizon League. These universities all have NCAA Division I athletic programs.
How to Use the Horizon Line to Create Depth in a Landscape Painting
Never underestimate the importance of where you've placed the horizon line in a landscape painting. It's crucial to the viewer perceiving depth and distance in ...
Straighten a Horizon with Paint.NET - Graphics Software - About.com
This step by step tutorial will show you how use Paint.NET to straighten a horizon in a photo, or correct skewed perspective in any crooked picture.
Event Horizon - Physics - About.com
Definition of an event horizon. An event horizon is the edge of a black hole, the boundary from which no light can escape.
Adobe Photoshop Straight Lines - Make a Skewed Horizon Line ...
Do some of your pictures appear just a little bit lopsided or skewed? Learn how you can make a skewed horizon or other line straight with Adobe Photoshop.
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