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Frankenweenie: Tim Burton Interview - Hollywood Movies - About.com
Tim Burton interview on Frankenweenie, stop motion films, 3D, dogs, and turning his short film into a feature length movie.
Sparky from Frankenweenie - Kids' Movies & TV - About.com
Victor brings his dog Sparky back to life in the Tim Burton movie Frankenweenie.
Frankenweenie - Fun Family Activities - Kids' Movies & TV - About.com
Frankenweenie - Fun Family Activities based on the black and white stop-motion animated Tim Burton film.
Victor from Frankenweenie - Kids' Movies & TV - About.com
Victor is a boy who loves his dog and uses his scientific knowledge to bring his pup back from the dead in the movie Frankenweenie.
Frankenweenie - Movie Review - Kids' Movies & TV - About.com
Oct 5, 2012 ... Frankenweenie (2012) - Is this black and white stop-motion animated Tim Burton film a good family flick? Read a review for parents about the ...
Tim Burton Photo - Frankenweenie - Hollywood Movies - About.com
Photo of Tim Burton on the set of the movie Frankenweenie.
Nassor from Frankenweenie - Kids' Movies & TV - About.com
Nassor (voice of Martin Short) is Victor's classmate in the Tim Burton movie Frankenweenie. An darkly intense and highly intelligent character, Nassor has his ...
Frankenweenie - Movie Trailers, Clips and Info - Kids' Movies & TV
Frankenweenie (2012) - Movie trailer, clips and info about Tim Burton's 3D stop- motion animated film Frankenweenie.
Frankenweenie Premiere Photos - Kids' Movies & TV - About.com
Tim Burton's stop-motion animated black and white film Frankenweenie follows the story of a boy who uses his knowledge of science to bring his beloved dog ...
Persephone from Frankenweenie - Kids' Movies & TV - About.com
Persephone the dog from the Tim Burton movie Frankenweenie. Find out about the characters in the movie and what horror films inspired them.
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