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Top 10 Jet Li Movies - Hollywood Movies - About.com
... Father is a Hero. 10 must-see Jet Li films that are full of action. ... Work your way down this list for a greater appreciation of all things Jet Li. The basics on Jet  ...
Top 5 Super Hero Action Figure Lines - Action Figures - About.com
Super heroes and action figures were made for each other, and there have ... All the favorites from DC Comics and Marvel Comics have been represented in ... have issues with scale, and often die out before producing an array of figures, ...
Top 10 Comic Book Super Villains of All Time - About.com
Without super villains, would there even be any super heroes? Anybody can be bad, but ... Galactus has destroyed countless worlds and killed billions of beings. His hunger will .... 10 Johnny Cash Albums You Should Own · By Shelly Fabian.
20 Very Funny Twitter Parody Accounts - Trends - About.com
Of course, we all know that Twitter is famous for having big name celebrities and high profile ... For those that get a kick out of bad grammar, this is a must-follow account - especially for if you ... One of your favorite superheroes has a pretty...
Chemistry Jokes, Puns, and Riddles - About.com
Nov 28, 2014 ... Old chemists never die, they just stop reacting. ... What should do you do with a dead Chemist ? Barium! .... Superhero Chemistry Pun.
Nightcrawler Profile - Bio of Kurt Wagner - X-Men's Nightcrawler
Comic Books & Superhero Movies Expert ... But Kurt did not die, he survived and was found by the gypsy sorceress Margali Szardos, who raised Kurt as her own ...
List of 11 Most Famous Jet Li Movies - Martial Arts - About.com
Jet Li movies are all about martial arts and action sequences. ... especially those that wear a black mask and become a superhero of sorts. ... Romeo Must Die.
Action Movies of 2010 - Hollywood Movies - About.com
Other than Iron Man 2, 2010 was pretty much devoid of big-name superhero ... So good I had to see it twice just to catch all the jokes I missed the first time, Kick-Ass is the must-see action film .... As The Comedian, Morgan killed with impunity.
Cyclops Profile - Bio of The X-Men Leader Cyclops - Comic Books
Comic Books & Superhero Movies Expert ... He must push a button on the left or right sides to rotate the ruby quartz plates and ... Scott's father did not die in the plane crash in his youth. ... 10 Movie Scenes We've All Hit The Pause Button O...
'The Scarlet Pimpernel' Review - Classic Literature - About.com
... but it also feels like a precursor to the modern comic book superheroes. ... of the Scarlet Pimpernel: all have sworn to obey and (if necessary) die for their ... Sir Percy remains distant and tells her that he must set off on business the next...
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