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Everyday Superheroes, Felled by Disinterest -- 'Alphas' Canceled ...
After all, the series, created by Zak Penn and Michael Karnow via a grueling ... away from their bagging-and-tagging of chaotic evil, or died, or went insane, ...
Top Marvel Superheroes Of All Time - The Best Marvel Comic Book ...
A list of the top marvel superhero character of all time. ... He killed those that committed crimes using his skills and weapons from today's age. He is tough as nails and unwavering in .... Why Should You Spay/Neuter a Puppy? Nikki Moustaki ...
Top Ten Comic Book Archenemies - Superhero and Villain Arch-rivals
The rivalry came to head, when the Green Goblin killed Peter's girlfriend, Gwen ... one of the top superheroes of our time, who fights against all injustice and is the ... Luthor fighting for supremacy, and Superman just doing what a hero should.
Top 10 Jet Li Movies - Hollywood Movies - About.com
... Father is a Hero. 10 must-see Jet Li films that are full of action. ... Work your way down this list for a greater appreciation of all things Jet Li. The basics on Jet Li: ... Wacky, slightly sci-fi tale with crazy action and Jet Li in a goofy ...
What Are Your Top Ten Superheroes - Comic Books - About.com
The fans pick their top ten superheroes of all time. How does your list of top ten ... arrow;9:iron man;10:wonder woman; —Guest Die ... Comic Books. Must Reads.
Top 10 Comic Book Super Villains of All Time - About.com
Without super villains, would there even be any super heroes? Anybody can be bad, but ... Galactus has destroyed countless worlds and killed billions of beings. His hunger will never .... Why Should You Spay/Neuter a Puppy? Nikki Moustaki  ...
Top 5 Superhero Games for Nintendo DS - About.com
It's the five best superhero games available for the Nintendo DS. ... Like all the games based on the Lego franchise, there are elements of construction and ... Which should you buy: The Nintendo 3DS or the Nintendo DSi? ... on Your Nintendo 3DS i...
Top 5 Super Hero Action Figure Lines - Action Figures - About.com
Super heroes and action figures were made for each other, and there have been a number of lines to prove it. ... vibrant, making Marvel Legends the single-best super hero action figure line of all time. ... have issues with scale, and often die ou...
Gwen Stacy Profile - Peter Parker's First Love
The death of Gwen Stacy was replayed in the first Spider-Man movie, however, ... Many wonder if Gwen was the girl that should have been with Peter in the long ... The 10 Greatest Comic Book Characters of All Time · Are They Evil Personified?...
Phoenix Jones - Seattle Superhero - Seattle/Tacoma - About.com
An interview with Phoenix Jones, Seattle's own superhero, who seeks out criminals ... I went out and started fighting crime the way I thought it should be done and .... I think when all of this superhero thing is over, and I've retired or get kill...
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