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How to Handle Web Robots on Your Site and Server
Robots often visit Web sites, and they can be beneficial to you or possibly harmful . Understanding how robots work and how they interact with your site can help ...
The Definition of a Robot - Inventors - About.com
How science fiction has become science fact with robots and robotics.
Military Robots of the Future (Page 2) - US Military - About.com
The imperatives for the research are broad but basic. First and foremost, national security is an overriding factor. In many cases, according to Johnson, robots ...
Timeline of the History of Robots - Inventors - About.com
1921 - The term "robot" was first used in a play called "R.U.R." or "Rossum's Universal Robots" by the Czech writer Karel Capek. The plot was simple: man ...
Outsourcing Experiments: Baxter, the Face of Robotics
Can a new generation of robots change the way we outsource? The designers of the new Baxter robot think they can!
How to Write a robots.txt File - Web Design / HTML
It's easy to learn how to write a valid robots.txt file that search engine spiders will follow and clearly understand. This how-to takes you through the steps.
Definition of Robot - Web Browsers - About.com
Definition: Used by search engines such as Google and Yahoo! robots are programs that constantly search the web, indexing sites by utilizing items such as  ...
Douglas Adams Quotations - Quotes Quotations - About.com
Most people who have read his works are passionate about Douglas Adams. ... Douglas Adams (Marvin, the robot, reflecting back on his 576,000,003,579 year ...
What is a forex robot? - Forex Trading - About.com
These robots run on metatrader as "expert advisers" and they can do anything from giving you a signal to place a trade, to placing and managing the trade for ...
Controlling Web Robots - Using the robots.txt File - Web Design/HTML
Search engines and other systems use robots or spiders to automatically crawl through your Web site. They parse the pages and store the data. It's possible to ...
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