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Current Shows - What's Next

A rundown of upcoming episodes for all active series


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Next new episode: "Second Skin" (Fri Jun 28 10 pm)
Liber8 and Agent Gardiner interfere with Kiera's pursuit of someone she believes is another time traveler. Guest Cast: Roger R. Cross (Travis Verta); Nicholas Lea (Agent Gardiner).

Next new episode: "The Bride Wore Black" (Mon Jun 24 9 pm)
The body of a prominent businessman who disappeared nearly six years ago is discovered hidden in the walls of NeedWant, prompting an investigation by Nolan and Tommy that exposes many of the secrets held by the people of Defiance. It also causes unrest on the eve of Alak and Christie's wedding.

Falling Skies
Next new episode: "Search and Recover" (Sun Jun 30 10 pm)
A mission takes a nightmarish course, forcing Tom and Pope to depend on one another for survival. Elsewhere, Weaver and crew desperately try to find two missing 2nd Mass members, and Marina rebels against Tom's authority. Guest Cast: Gloria Reuben (Marina); Robert Sean Leonard; Sarah Carter (Margaret).

Next new episode: "2-D Blacktop" (Mon Jun 24 3:09 am)
The Professor joins a street-racing gang.

Primeval: New World
Next new episode: "Angry Birds" (Sat Jun 29 10 pm)
A pair of drug dealers kidnap Evan and Dylan.

Next new episode: "Old Man Of The Sea" (Sat Jun 29 9 pm)
When the Providence fins an abandoned ship in the middle of the sea, the rescue a mysterious old man. He seems to be linked to Nala and might be able to throw some light on her past somehow.

666 Park Avenue
Next new episode: "Sins of the Fathers" (Sat Jun 29 9 pm)
Sasha lays out her plan to get Henry elected and has a strange showdown with her parents. Meanwhile, a mysterious new tenant moves into the Drake; and Alexis plots revenge against Louise after she discovers they crossed paths in the past. Guest Cast: Harry Bouvy (Director); Tessa Thompson (Sasha/Laurel Harris); Carmen Pelaez (Stage Manager); Richard Short (Patrick Corey); Brian O'Neill (Monsignor Williams).

Teen Wolf
Next new episode: "Unleashed" (Mon Jun 24 10 pm)
Scott tries to prevent a deadly confrontation; Stiles defends the werewolves.

True Blood
Next new episode: "You're No Good" (Sun Jun 30 9 pm)
Eric makes a risky move in response to Burrell's crackdown on vampires, but learns some valuable information from someone in the governor's inner circle. Meanwhile, Sookie begins to learn why Warlow is after her; Steve Newlin has an unexpected visit from a familiar face; and Bill sends Jessica on an important errand when he devises a solution to a current problem. Guest Cast: Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Nicole); Kelly Overton (Rikki); Rob Kazinsky (Ben); Arliss Howard (Gov. Truman Burrell); Lucy Griffiths (Nora); Keone Young (Hido Takahashi); Rutger Hauer (Niall); John Fleck (Dr. Overlark); Dale Dickey (Martha Bozeman); Tara Buck (Ginger); Robert Patrick (Jackson Herveaux); Jessy Hodges (Mustard).

Under the Dome
Next new episode: "Pilot" (Mon Jun 24 10 pm)
A small New England town is sealed off from the world by an enormous transparent dome that inexplicably appears. In the opener, the dome materializes and the residents of Chester's Mill struggle to survive as resources rapidly dwindle and panic sets in.

Warehouse 13
Next new episode: "Lost and Found" (Mon Jun 24 10 pm)
The team set out to recover artifacts stolen from Warehouse 12 by an infamous pirate.

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