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What's on When - Sci-Fi / Fantasy TV Schedules

When to catch your favorite sci-fi and fantasy shows, including weekly broadcast times and on-line viewing info.
  1. Weekly TV Listings (140)

What's on This Week - Movies on TV
What's on this week.

What's on This Week, Alphabetically
TV Listings Alphabetically by Title of Show

Current Shows - What's Next
Next episodes of currently active Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV series.

What's on This Week - Sci-Fi TV Listings by Day
What's on this week -- current and classic shows, by day.

What's on When: Current Shows
A list of sci-fi and fantasy shows that are currently on the air, along with links to my reviews and episode guides as well as to the official sites.

What's on When: Classic Shows
Some of the classic series currently being shown on various networks.

Sci Fi Channel Schedulebot
Searchable database of everything that's scheduled to be broadcast on Sci Fi.

The CW Program Schedule
Schedule of programs at The CW network.

Spike TV Interactive Schedule
Searchable schedule for the Spike TV network.

BBC America Schedule
Schedule page for the BBC America channel.

Winter 2013 Preview
Winter 2012 Schedule Preview - What shows are returning or debuting, and when, in early 2013?

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