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Sci-Fi / Fantasy on TV


What's going on with your favorite sci-fi / fantasy shows? Who are these characters, and what are they about? What's going on behind the scenes? You'll find answers here. (For times and networks, see What's On When.)
  1. What's on When
  2. Features, Interviews, and Video
  3. Active Shows
  4. Recently Ended Shows
  5. Classic Series

What's on When

SGU - Air _ David Blue

Get this week's listings for new shows, classic shows, and movies on television -- by day, by show alphabetically, or just a rundown what's next for the shows in production. Updated weekly on Sundays.

Features, Interviews, and Video


Special stuff from your favorite shows, including interviews with stars and creators, video trailers, and image galleries.

Active Shows


Active shows include shows that are currently in production and currently making new episodes, and shows that are about to start production and have new episodes on the way.

Recently Ended Shows

Echo (Eliza Dushku)

Here are shows that have gone off the air recently, including cancellations from earlier in the current season.

Classic Series

Lee Adama - Battlestar

Information and resources about sci-fi / fantasy series from the recent and not-so-recent past.

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