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Sci-Fi/Fantasy on the Broadcast Networks, 2012-2013


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Beauty and the Beast (The CW, New)
Beauty and the Beast

Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan in Beauty and the Beast.

The Cw

Apparently the battle of the Beasts was won before the two competing versions of the title had a chance to slug it out on screen: this version, a reboot/reimagining of the CBS Beauty and the Beast series from the Eighties, has been picked up and the more lyrical ABC version, adapted from the original French source material, has not. Either way, the new version is hardly constrained by the old series's format, and has a lot of options as to how to proceed.
Airs: Thursdays at 9 p.m. Eastern on The CW.
Premiere: Oct. 11.
Description: Beauty and the Beast stars Kristin Kreuk as Catherine Chandler, a smart, no-nonsense homicide detective who through her work discovers a clue that leads her to handsome Dr. Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan) who was reportedly killed by enemy fire in Afghanistan in 2002. He is still alive and for mysterious reasons has been forced to live outside of conventional society. Vincent harbors a secret that when enraged he becomes a terrifying beast unable to control his superhuman strength. Catherine agrees to keep his identity hidden and both begin a complex relationship with each other.
Starring: Austin Basis as J.T. Forbes, Brian White as Joe Profeta, Jay Ryan as Vincent Koslow, Kristin Kreuk as Catherine Chandler, Max Brown as Evan Mills, Nicole Gale Anderson as Heather Chandler, Nina Lisandrello as Tess O'Malley.
Creative Team: Created by Jennifer Levin and Sherri Cooper. Pilot directed by ary Fleder. Other executive producers include Bill Haber, C. Anthony Thomas, Paul Junger Witt, Ron Koslow.
From: CBS Television Studios, Ostar Productions, Witt-Thomas Productions

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