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Star Trek

Information and news about all six series in the Star Trek television franchise.
  1. Star Trek (2008)

Image Gallery: 'Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Next Level'
Pictures of Patrick Stewart and Michael Dorn in the Blu-Ray Sampler 'Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Next Level'

Shatner Takes Aim at Takei, Again
Just when you thought the acrimony might just be dead and buried, the long and troubled history between William Shatner and his co-stars from the original series of Star Trek has flared up again.

Bob Justman Is Dead
Robert H. Justman, one of the people most responsible for shaping the original Star Trek and keeping it flying despite the shrinking budgets doled out by Desilu Studios, died May 28, 2008.

Blog Post: Remastered "Menagerie" in Theaters
Remastered High Def version of the Menagerie will be shown in theaters 11/13/2007.

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