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'Smallville' - Essential Information


'Smallville' - Essential Information
The CW

What 'Smallville' Is About:

Smallville follows the life of young Clark Kent as he discovers his powers and history. In high school he's friends with Lex Luthor, but gradually suspects Lex's dark side is the stronger. Kryptonite, deadly to Clark, also gives strange powers to humans; they spurn the normality Clark craves. After high school, Clark moves into his role as protector of Metropolis.

Status of 'Smallville':

Smallville is currently not in production. It aired for 10 seasons, from Oct 10, 2001 to Jul 7, 2011. Network: TheCW. For current showtimes see Show Listings.
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Smallville was created by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough (Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Knights, Spider-Man 2). Millar and Gough took on the project with the stipulation that Clark should not fly or wear the costume: this would allow them to concentrate on what experiences and conflicts made this young man eventually become Superman.
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Key 'Smallville' Characters:

Smallville started with well-known characters from the Superman and Superboy comics -- Clark Kent and his adoptive parents, Jonathan (the rock-solid John Schneider) and Martha; Lana Lang; best friend Pete Ross; Lex Luthor; and (in later seasons) Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. New characters include crusading journalist Chloe Sullivan and Lionel Luthor, Lex's power-driven father. Other comic heroes crop up later as regulars: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in seasons 6 and 8, and Kara/Super Girl in season 7.
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Flavor of 'Smallville':

Smallville's early years concentrated on Clark's teen angst as a boy trying to get through high school, figuring out his abilities with his father's sage advice. But gradually Clark faced fewer weekly villains, replaced by dark conspiracies and betrayals, until Clark developed a harder edge and greater difficulty extending trust even to old friends. In parallel, Lex's inner humanity is gradually devoured by his bitterness and lust for control.

'Smallville' on Video:

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