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Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies and DVDs


One of the best ways to experience science fiction and fantasy is on the big screen. And getting it on DVD to watch when and where you want can be even better. In this area you'll find news, background, reviews, images, trailers, and other video for feature films in the cinemas, great movies of the past, and movies and TV on DVD and other home entertainment media.
  1. Sci-Fi / Fantasy Movies
  2. Universes and Franchises
  3. Sci-Fi / Fantasy on Disc

Sci-Fi / Fantasy Movies

Iron Man

Includes feature films that are science fiction or fantasy. Here you'll find news, previews, reviews, images, trailers, clips, interviews, and more for current and upcoming sci-fi and fantasy feature films.

Universes and Franchises

Star Trek

Collected information about sci-fi / fantasy franchises and related movies.

Sci-Fi / Fantasy on Disc

Blade Runner

Feature films and TV on DVD and other home entertainment media.

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