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Sci-Fi/Fantasy 101

Basic facts about science fiction and fantasy TV and movies, as well as hubs for major franchises such as Star Wars and Harry Potter.
  1. Sci-Fi / Fantasy FAQs (6)

The Top Ten Kinds of Robot Duplicates

The Aliens Next Door
Exploring the idea of aliens just over the hedge.

In Memoriam: Ray Bradbury
In Memoriam: Ray Bradbury - Exploring the legacy of prolific science-fiction author Ray Bradbury

Endless Love
TV series often veer into the idea of a love that seems foretold by fate. But in science fiction and fantasy, sometimes this can literally be true: two people can share a love that's part of the fabric of space and time, surviving partnership with others, insuperable separations, and even death and afterlife. Sometimes this takes the form of...

Superheroes Live on Stage: Is It Worth It?
What Price Live Superheroes? - Problems Plague Super-Expensive Broadway Production

Top 10 Most Memorable Sci-Fi/Fantasy Christmas Episodes
With sci-fi/fantasy series indulging in an unusually heavy spate of holiday specials this season, including Futurama , Eureka , Warehouse 13 , and an extra-Christassy Doctor Who , it's worth looking back at how genre series have celebrated the holidays in days gone by. What's interesting about this is that, for people in the...

Definitions of Science Fiction
A survey of different authors' ideas of what science fiction is.

Must-See Movies: Sci-Fi Comedies
If you haven't seen many (good) sci-fi comedies, these are the ones you should check out.

Great Moments in Sci-Fi
Science fiction has often in the past marginalized or derided as not serious literature, but the work of a number of gufted men and women have brought sci-fi into the center of modern entertainment. Who were these people, and how'd they do it?

Sci-Fi / Fantasy FAQ
Even basic questions about sci-fi and fantasy — like what they are exactly and the boundaries between them — can be complex and controversial, but I try to give a few answers here.

The Workingest Actors in Sci-Fi, 2013
The Workingest Actors in Sci-Fi 2013 - Actors Playing the Most Roles in Sci-Fi 2013

The Future of Sitting Down
Watching the Doctor being shoved into the Pandorica -- basically an eternal chair/prison -- at the end of "The Pandorica Opens", the penultimate episode of Doctor Who 's ebullient fifth season, all I could think about was the chair, and how the designers had gone nuts trying to make it look scary/futuristic/weird. And that reminded me of all the strange ways in which movie and TV designers have …

Stateside Skew

The new adaptation of the great BBC series Being Human once again raises two equally baffling questions: first, do perfectly good British series really need to be transplanted and reengineered for American audiences to enjoy them? And second, why does it go wrong so often?

When it comes to Americanizing huge British hits, examples of both huge successes and massive failures are not far to seek. Drill down to sci-fi/fantasy, and the record of failures becomes more pronounced. Of course U.S.-to-U.S. sci-fi rebbots often fail too. But as these examples show, it's a risky proposition bringing sci-fi across the pond.

Utopia and the Warrior
Utopia and the Warrior: In an ideal sci-fi society, where does the soldier fit in?

What is Fantasy?
A perspective on how to define fantasy, especially epic fantasy.

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