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'Merlin' - Essential Information


'Merlin' - Essential Information

What 'Merlin' Is About:

Merlin, the future warlock behind the throne of King Arthur, is depicted in his youth, as a boy just come to Camelot. Though gifted with great magic, he must be discovered using it, as King Uther has forbidden magic in his realm on pain of death. In Camelot Merlin comes under the guidance of the court physician, Gaius, and learns his destiny is to protect Prince Arthur and help him become a great king.
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Status of 'Merlin':

Merlin is currently in production. It airs on BBC1 and Syfy. Premiered: Jun 6, 2009. For current showtimes see Show Listings.
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Though a part of the implacable trend toward rebooting legends and old stories with younger heroes (e.g., Smallville), Merlin provides a new origin story for both Merlin and Arthur. The story idea came from Julian Murphy and Johnny Caps (Hex) and was produced by Shine Limited and BBC Wales.
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Key 'Merlin' Characters:

Set at a royal court in a time of chivalry, the series both recognizes and subverts the differences in position between nobles like Arthur and servants and townspeople like Gwen; Arthur is presented as developing his sense of honor through his duty to protect the people of Camelot. The central friendships are diverse in both nature and tone: Gwen and Merlin have an easy camaraderie, but Arthur's bond with Merlin is more complex.
•  Main cast

Flavor of 'Merlin':

Merlin is bright and colorful action-adventure, with deadly jousts, battles between sorcerers, and valiant knights facing monsters, but it's all bound together by the personal relationships between the principals and the secrets that work against them. It's great fun, but with bright-eyed characters brought to life through impassioned performances.
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'Merlin' on Video:

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