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Kyle XY: Characters, Cast and Creators


The Trager family from Kyle XY.

(On sofa) April Matson as Lori Trager, Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Josh Trager, (Back) Bruce Thomas as Stephen Trager, Marguerite Macintyre as Nicole Trager in Kyle XY.

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The main characters on Kyle XY include:
  • Kyle (Matt Dallas) is a 16-year-old boy who woke up in the woods lacking memories, social skills, and a navel. Over the course of the first season he learned that he has special abilities and that he was created as an experiment in the development of the human mind. Having discovered love among his foster family, the Tragers, he is unwilling to give it up.
  • Amanda Bloom (Kirsten Prout) lives next door to the Tragers and captivated Kyle even before he learned to speak. For a long time caught up in a relationship with Charlie, who was not being faithful, Amanda eventually broke it off, allowing Kyle to express his feelings for her.
  • Nicole Trager (Marguerite MacIntyre) is the psychologist who took Kyle on as a case after he was found, immediately feeling a strong protective instinct toward him. She took Kyle into her family over the initial reluctance of the others in the household, who however were quickly won over by Kyle's constant efforts to give of himself to help others.
  • Stephen Trager (Bruce Thomas), Nicole's husband, works in software and provides solid emotional support to his wife and his kids (among whom he includes Kyle).
  • Lori Trager (April Matson) is a teenager on the cusp of maturing into a young woman. Having sex last year before she was ready was a sobering experience for her, and now she's often the most grounded of all the young people on the show.
  • Josh Trager (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) is an absolutely typical kid brother who's into girls and cars and not working too hard. Keeps track of Kyle's peculiarities in a "Kyle file" and wants to believe that Kyle is in fact an alien.
  • Declan McDonough (Chris Olivero) is Lori's sometime boyfriend and Kyle's confidant. Kyle angered Declan by allowing him to help Kyle discover his origins, then not telling him the whole story; eventually Kyle decided he needed someone he could trust and explained all he knew about himself to Declan.
  • Tom Foss (Nicholas Lea) Adam Baylin's security man and a former employee of the Zzyzx lab where Kyle was created, Foss stayed near Kyle when he returned to the Tragers at the start of season 2, expressing the hope the he could train Kyle in the way Adam had intended. Kyle later decoded a message left behind by Adam that warned him not to trust Foss.
  • Hillary (Chelan Simmons) is Lori's gal pal; once known for sleeping around, she joined Lori in "taking back" her virginity. Still, she's less reserved than Lori and sometimes says what others won't.
  • Jessi XX (Jaimie Alexander) is the other "asset" created at the Zzyzx lab; she escaped when the lab was destroyed but was retrieved by Madacorp and "programmed" into thinking she was Emily's sister. Though amoral and remorseless at first, she begins to question who she is and what she does.
  • Emily Hollander (Leah Cairns) is hired by Madacorp to act as Jessi's older sister while using her to get to Kyle, whom Madacorp wants to "recover."
  • Charlie (Cory Monteith) is Amanda's jerk ex-boyfriend, a basketball player who sleeps around. Good friends with teammate Declan, though Declan eventually starts to wonder why.
  • Andy Jensen (Magda Apanowicz) is an iconoclastic tomboy who steamrollers Josh into liking her before he even realizes it.
  • Adam Baylin (J. Eddie Peck) is the designer of the experimental pod that in which Kyle came to life, following the theory that longer gestation would produce advanced brain function. Adam was himself the result of an earlier generation of similar experiments involving artificially prolonged gestation in host mothers.
  • Ballantine (Conrad Coates) is the stolid CEO of Madacorp, the monolithic technology corporation that owned Zzyzx labs and which now seeks to regain control of Kyle.

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