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Fan Reaction to Kyle's Cancellation

Letters reflect fans' passion for the compassionate pod boy


Matt Dallas (Kyle) and Kirsten Prout (Amanda) in "It Happened One Night."

Updated June 09, 2009

I've gotten a more mail and posted comments on ABC Family's cancellation of Kyle XY than on any subject since the abrupt cancellation of last year's vampire drama Moonlight a year ago.

Fans were particularly incensed that the series ended with a shoehorned-in plot twist which leaves the entire series dangling on an unresolved note. (The io9 recap was perfectly titled: "How Not to Do a Series Finale.")

(You can share your own reactions here, on the user responses page for this article.)

These emails are not doing any good in my in-box, so I am sharing some of them to illustrate the intensity of the reaction to Kyle XY's cancellation and the efforts being made by fans to find new life for the show.

The current situation is not especially promising: In particular, Julie Plec, one of the driving forces behind the show, has moved on to the Kevin Williamson proposed adaptation of The Vampire Diaries. Poor ratings for the last episodes of the show apparently quashed initial talk of a TV movie or webisodes to wrap up the show.

Nonetheless, fans press on. Please note: While as a critic I am, like Kyle's fans, annoyed that this perfectly good show was killed off before it had fulfilled its potential, my coverage of fan reaction is not necessarily an endorsement of any particular fan movement.

User Email: Kyle XY Family Values

I read about the cancellation of the show Kyle XY on your website and I felt the need to tell you about the fans' reaction to this news in the hope you will sympathize with us.

Firstly, two main petitions were started around the 1st February and so far nearly 17,000 people have signed the biggest, closely followed by 9,237 signatures on the second petition. It is easy to see when looking through these petitions that Kyle XY has a global fan base, not to mention a very passionate one.

Though of course we know that petitions are not enough to reverse ABC's mind. With www.SaveKyleXY.com, www.SavetheTub.com, www.KyleXY.net, as well as the ABC Family Kyle XY forum all acting as the central organization points of the campaign, many projects have been started since the cancellation. For example Sour Patch Kids, which Kyle shows a great fondness for, have been bought in bucket loads by fans and are constantly being sent to ABC's President, Paul Lee. We have placed a continuous emphasis on physical letter writing also, as this worked for Star Trek, Jericho and pretty much every other successful fan campaign to date. Paper-mache baths are also being made and sent to ABC as Kyle's preference for sleeping in a bath tub could be considered a unique detail of the show.

Overall all fans have been making a huge effort to introduce Kyle XY to their friends and families. Posting fliers and posters on school notice boards and so on has also been part of the effort to encourage new people to watch the show and boost the ratings. We have seen some success with our efforts already: episode 8 "The Tell-Tale Heart" reached 3rd on the Sci-Fi chart, and 8th overall for downloads on iTunes last week, and the show's ratings have risen by 0.192 million since the cancellation was announced.

Kyle XY deserves saving because it has so many qualities many others lack. It contains the Sci-Fi element which makes it interesting and more appealing to older, as well as younger audiences, male as well as female audiences. The teen drama aspect deals with finding ones identity, love, friendship, taking responsibility, thinking about the future and so on, and this is all done without the introduction of drugs and brutal violence. It also succeeds in delivering highly romantic scenes and amazing chemistry between characters without spoiling it with numerous references to sex and over use of sex as a ratings puller. More than anything the family aspect of the show is unique. The family values in this show just make it that much more enjoyable and open to a much broader audience than most.

Kyle XY was described as defining ABC Family only last season so for them to cancel the very show that got them on the map strikes many people as unfair on the cast and crew, as well as the fans. Moving it to a more competitive time slot was also a huge mistake; if the show was moved to a less competitive night such as Friday the ratings would definitely of not taken such a hit. Many fans also argue ABC's lack of promotion for season 3 is what has made this season the least successful.

Eleanor T.

User Email: People Who Have the Most to Offer

"People who have the most to offer usually believe in themselves the least." This quote from ABC Family's Kyle XY has come to exemplify the situation of the show. ABC Family has given up on the show that made it what it is today. They believe that this series has run its course, but so many people disagree and want to see it continue. ABC Family cites the declining ratings as the source of the cancellation and it is true that this has happened, but one must look at the situation before making a final decision. It is hard for a show to make it in any situation, but Kyle XY has been put through nearly everything that could derail it and its fans still care so much to fight to save it. I've never heard of a show being off of the air for nearly a year let alone it then coming back with little promotion from the company. ABC Family took advantage of the fans of Kyle XY by relying on them to do everything for the show but that just isn't possible.

We have done a lot, but ABC Family doesn't see it as enough. That is why we the fans have looked for alternatives for our beloved show. We have spent hours of time in thought and action designing web sites, petitions, and writing letters like this one.

Personally, I have written a letter everyday since I learned that the show was being canceled a couple of weeks ago. If a chance is taken on this show, the fans will not disappoint. We are very loyal to the show and not the station that it airs on. It is evident that a lot of people truly care about the show and will due nearly anything to keep our show around. ABC Family might have given up on Kyle XY, but the fans are a long way from that. I am just asking for a chance to be taken on this wonderful show.

Matthew S.

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