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Kyle XY

Kyle XY is an ABC Family series about a teenage boy who woke up in the woods with no memory, no social skills, and no belly button. Taken in by a friendly family, the Tragers, Kyle discovers that he has unusual intelligence, reflexes, and other abilities as he slowly peels apart the mystery of his past.
  1. Kyle XY Episode Guide (16)

Kyle XY - Viewer Reaction to ABC Family's Cancellation of Kyle XY
Viewer reaction to ABC Family's cancellation of 'Kyle XY.'

Fan Reaction to Kyle's Cancellation
Letters from fans protest the cancellation of 'Kyle XY.'

Kyle XY Canceled
ABC Family has decided not to order a fourth season of the sci-fi series Kyle XY, as it shifts its focus to concentrate on the young female audience attracted by shows like The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

'Kyle XY' Season 3 Premiere - "It Happened One Night"
A review of "It Happened One Night," the season 3 premiere of 'Kyle XY.'

'Kyle XY' "It Happened One Night" Image Gallery
Images from "It Happened One Night," the season 3 premiere of Kyle XY.

Kyle XY Returns, with All-New Plot Points!
When last we saw Kyle in September, he was racing through a mid-season finale that "left so many loose ends it's positively frayed," as I said at the time. Monday's return from hiatus resumed the show's recent habit of pinballing from plot point to plot point without taking the time to develop any interest in any of them.

Kyle XY
Information and background about the sci-fi drama Kyle XY.

Kyle XY: Characters, Cast and Creators
Meet the cast and characters of Kyle XY, as well as the people involved in making the show, with links to in-depth character, actor, and creator profiles.

Gallery: Kyle XY Season 2
Images from the second season of Kyle XY.

Review: Kyle XY Season 2 Premiere
After learning the truth about his past, Kyle returns to his adoptive family, the Tragers.

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