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I, Robot (2004)


I, Robot (2004)

A poster for 'I, Robot'.

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

I, Robot (2004) : In a society in which robots are common, the three laws of robots prevent any robot from acting against a human. Yet a murder of a Chicago robotics scientist seems to implicate a robot -- leading to thediscovery of Sonny, a robot different from the others.

  • Directed by: Alex Proyas
  • Writers: Jeff Vintar and Akiva Goldsman from a screen story by Jeff Vintar; Suggested by book by Isaac Asimov
  • Stars: _Will Smith (Del Spooner), Bridget Moynahan (Susan Calvin), Alan Tudyk (Sonny (voice)), James Cromwell (Dr. Alfred Lanning), Bruce Greenwood (Lawrence Robertson), Adrian L. Ricard (Granny), Chi McBride (Lt. John Bergin), Jerry Wasserman (Baldez), Fiona Hogan (V.I.K.I.), Peter Shinkoda (Chin), Terry Chen (Chin), David Haysom (NS4 Robot/NS5 Robot), Scott Heindl (NS4 Robot/NS5 Robot)
  • Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
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  • Clip: I seriously doubt we have 6 minutes
  • Interview: Alex Proyas
  • 0 - 12/18/06
  • 0 - 11/29/04
  • Trailer

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