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'Fallen' - Essential Information


'Fallen' - Essential Information
ABC Family

What 'Fallen' Is About:

In the 2006 Fallen TV movie, high school student Aaron Corbett learned he was one of the nephilim -- offspring of fallen angels and humans -- and he has angelic abilities, including the gift of tongues. But the Powers, a group of elite angels seeking nephilim as abominations, soon tracked down Aaron. Meanwhile one of the Fallen realized that Aaron is the Redeemer -- foretold to express God's forgiveness and redeem the Fallen, allowing them to return to heaven from exile on earth. Aaron won his first battle with the Powers, but was forced to leave his adoptive human family and embark on a quest for answers.

Status of 'Fallen':

Fallen is currently not in production. It aired for 1 season, from Aug 8, 2007 to Aug 8, 2007. Network: ABC Family. For current showtimes see Show Listings.


The Fallen was originally a series of four novels by fantasy novelist Thomas E. Sniegoski (compare prices).

Key 'Fallen' Characters:

Aside from the genial Aaron, played by Paul Wesley (who was the prodigal son Lucas Luthor on Smallville and Tommy Callahan on Everwood), favorites from the original TV movie including Aaron's ebullient dog Gabriel, whose thoughts Aaron can now hear (voiced by Darren Scott), and his implacable guardian angel Camael (Rick Worthy, perhaps better known as the Cylon Simon from Battlestar Galactica).

Flavor of 'Fallen':

Despite all the talk about redemption and abomination, Fallen is very much about a teenage boy trying to deal with an unexpected destiny, and wondering whether that destiny can include normal things like dating a pretty girl. As such it has certain elements of Smallville, though not all of the 2006 movie was up to that standard -- in particular some of the acting among the no-name supporting cast was very uneven. Crucially, Wesley is winning enough to paper over such problems, clearly transmitting the mixture of wonder, anxiety, and resistance you'd expect from a teenage chosen one.
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