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'Eureka' - Essential Information


'Eureka' - Essential Information

What 'Eureka' Is About:

Eureka is a secret town in the American northwest, a community of geniuses constantly advancing our technological capabilities. With all the strange experimenting that's going on, not to mention the even stranger personalities of its high-strung residents, keeping order in Eureka is a singular challenge. Former U.S. marshal Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) solved a crisis on his way through town, revealing his knack for finding solutions even in inexplicable situations. Most of the experiments are run by Department of Defense-funded Global Dynamics.
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Status of 'Eureka':


Eureka, an original Sci Fi Channel production, was created by Andrew Cosby, who wrote for the TV series Haunted, and Jaime Paglia; according to star Colin Ferguson it was originally planned as an animated series.
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Key 'Eureka' Characters:

Eureka follows Jack Carter, who seems like a solid point of reference in a town full of unpredictable, even wacky geniuses, some of whom put their ambition before common sense and the safety of others. Henry (played by stalwart Joe Morton, who appeared on Smallville and was Miles Dyson in Terminator 2) is also immensely likable, despite the dark side revealed in season 2.
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Flavor of 'Eureka':

Eureka has a great deal of whimsy, but what happens in this town is presented in a straightforward way that's not cartoonish: the crises that arise from technological miscalculations and conspiratorial subterfuge have real consequences, social, personal, and professional. The story arc of season 2 grew rather dark, but season 3 emphasized the relationships of the characters and created a better sense of community.
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