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Chuck - Main Cast


Cast and characters of the NBC series Chuck.

Zachary Levi as Chuck Bartowski

Chuck had settled into a life as a computer nerd, doing tech support at Buy More electronics, when the Intersect was downloaded into his brain. Now a vital component of national security, Chuck wrestles with the coolness of his dangerous new role as a secret agent, on the one hand, and his need for a normal life on the other. Complicating things still further is his growing love for his CIA handler, Sarah. In season 2, Chuck discovered his father had designed the Intersect, and, to prevent it falling into the wrong hands, subjected himself to his father's upgrade. While not the most ambitious person career-wise, Chuck has a natural capacity for leadership and a fierce loyalty to his friends.

Yvonne Strahovski as Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker, the ultimate CIA superspy, has spent a lifetime honing her skills and obeying orders, but working with Chuck has changed things. The daughter of a scam artist, her childhood was spent moving from city to city, and later was brought into the agency as a protege of the Director. She was formerly partnered with Bryce Larkin, the agent who sent Chuck the Intersect to prevent it from being stolen. Tough and no-nonsense, she was surprised to realize she was falling hard for the most atypical man in her life, but resisted allowing herself to compromise her responsibilities by giving in to her feelings for Chuck.

Adam Baldwin as John Casey

Tough-as-nails NSA operative Major (later Colonel) John Casey is not someone you want on your bad side. Long annoyed at being assigned to baby-sit Chuck, he's developed a grudging respect for Chuck, though he seldom agrees with his actions or methods. The original shoot-first, interrogate-later guy, Casey is a stickler for security and obsessive about surveillance, especially of his unpredictable charge. Committed to his work and the American way, he's come to recognize that Sarah is one of the best partners he's ever had.

Joshua Gomez as Morgan Grimes

Morgan, Chuck's best buddy, represents the side of Chuck that never grew up. Morgan is deep in the throes of the adolescent fixations he still shares with Chuck, including computer games and classic sci-fi flicks. His two commitments are to stand by his buddy no matter what, knowing Chuck will do the same for him, and to do as little work at the Buy More as possible. Morgan manages to keep at bay a longstanding crush on Chuck's sister Ellie, and much to his surprise slid into a committed relationship with his iconoclastic coworker, Anna (Julia Ling).

Ryan McPartlin as Devon Woodcomb

Chuck has long called Ellie's unflappable fiance (and, by the end of season 2, husband) "Captain Awesome" because the handsome young doctor makes everything look easy. An easygoing guy's guy, Devon is devoted to Ellie but doesn't always pick up on what she thinks he should be doing. Though he doesn't show it, Devon is driven to succeed in part because his equally awesome parents have always taken his perfection for granted. In season 2 he became unwittingly embroiled in Chuck's complicated problems and eventually discovered Chuck's hidden other life, but at Chuck's insistence managed to keep it all secret from Ellie.

Sarah Lancaster as Ellie Bartowski Woodcomb

Chuck's older sister is a doctor alongside Devon, and is always supportive of her brother -- though she has in the past been frustrated by his apparent lack of career ambition. Ellie was deeply hurt by her parents' absence as a child, assuming her father had willfully abandoned them (in fact, he'd been forced to go into hiding), and was tearfully overjoyed when he returned to attend Ellie's wedding to Devon. Growing up Ellie and Chuck developed a strong reliance on each other.
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