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Characters and Actors - Profiles and Interviews

Find out more about the characters from your favorite sci-fi/fantasy shows and films -- and the actors who play them. Knowing where they're coming from (and where they think they're headed) makes their journey that much more interesting.
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A/V Club Interview: Ronald D. Moore
The Onion A/V Club talks with the man behind the new Battlestar Galactica.

Sunday Telegraph Profile and Interview: Russell T. Davies
An in-depth feature on the executive producer of Doctor Who, including an analysis of the "Russell Davies effect" and why it doesn't always work.

Daily Variety Interview: JJ Abrams
The writer and director of the forthcoming Star Trek XI talks about his plans (very generally).

Stargate: Continuum Preview Interviews
Amanda Tapping and Ben Browder talks about the upcoming Movie "Stargate: Continuum".

New Take on Merlin
NBC has announced a new series based on the medieval wizard Merlin as part of its Fall 2008 line-up, this time looking at his rambunctious twenty-something years.

AOL TV: Matt Dallas Interview
The star of "Kyle XY" is pumped for information on the second season.

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