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Gee, Your Mom Looks Familiar


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Jane Wyatt, 'Star Trek' (1967, 1986)
Sarek and Amanda

Amanda (Jane Wyatt) and Sarek (Mark Lenard) in "Journey to Babel".


Character: Amanda, the human wife of the Vulcan ambassador to the Federation, Sarek. She's dignified and self-possessed, and not ashamed of her human emotions.
Whose Mom? Spock (Leonard Nimoy), arguably the first major character in a science-fiction series to be provided a "familiar mom" -- a mother played by someone who was a regular face on TV or in the movies in a previous decade, and therefore more comfortable for viewers as the mother of a beloved character than some stranger from central casting.
Why She Looks Familiar: Among other things, Jane Wyatt was on Father Knows Best (1954-60).
Fun scene: Standing up to her son: "When you were five years old and came home stiff-lipped, anguished, because the other boys tormented you saying that you weren't really Vulcan. I watched you knowing that inside... that the human part of you was crying and I cried, too. There must be some part of me in you, some part that I still can reach. If being Vulcan is more important to you, then you'll stand there speaking rules and regulations from Starfleet and Vulcan philosophy and, and let your father die, then I'll hate you for the rest of my life."

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