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'Being Human (BBC)' - Essential Information


'Being Human (BBC)' - Essential Information

What 'Being Human (BBC)' Is About:

Twentysomething friends Mitchell, George, and Annie, on top of the usual problems you get sgaring an apartment, are also struggling with their own secret lives as a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost.
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Status of 'Being Human (BBC)':

Being Human (BBC) is currently in production. It airs on BBCA. Premiered: Feb 2, 2008. For current showtimes see Show Listings.
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The show was created for the BBC by Toby Whithouse, an actor (he was Alistair in Bridget Jones's Diary) and writer (he scripted "School Reunion, " one of the highlights of the new run of Doctor Who, and "Greeks Bearing Gifts" for Torchwood). It ran in early 2009 on BBC Three, and then was picked up by BBCA.
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Key 'Being Human (BBC)' Characters:

Russell Tovey plays sweet and vulnerable to a T, and is the natural center of the show; this is balanced by the slightly edgier performance by Aiden Turner as a vampire struggling with his craving for blood.
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Flavor of 'Being Human (BBC)':

Being Human started out as a conedy-drama about three university friends going in on an apartment; Whithouse the supernatural aspect mainly to make the characters more interesting for him to write about, but the basis in friendship remains at the center of the show.

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