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Terra Nova

Information and Resources about the Fox Series Terra Nova

Fox Drops 'Terra Nova'
Fox Drops 'Terra Nova' - But this cancellation may not be the end for the elaborate dinosaur drama

Fox Drops Terra Nova Preview
The network has scrubbed the planned preview of Terra Nova long announced for this May, meaning audiences won't see the epic time-travel series until its proper series debut in the fall.

Trailer: Terra Nova
The first 30-second trailer for Fox's big-budget prehistoric series, Terra Nova, is here, premiered during the Super Bowl.

More Time Travel for O'Mara
Life on Mars veteran Jason O'Mara isn't done being yanked through time.

Terra Nova Confirmed for Fox Midseason
Terra Nova, a family adventure series set on prehistoric Earth, has been marked for a midseason debut in Fox's 2010-2011 schedule.

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