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Information and Resources for the NBC series 'Grimm.'

'Grimm' Renewed for Season 2
'Grimm' Renewed for Season 2 - Steady ratings yield quiet success for an increasingly excellent series

NBC Likes Its Grimm Fridays
NBC has indeed ordered the "back nine" for Grimm's first season.

Chuck, Grimm to Try Again
NBC, deciding last Friday was a scratch for all concerned, has taken the slightly unusual step of scheduling a double re-premiere on Saturday (Nov. 5), hoping to prevent a faltering start for both shows from kickstarting weak subsequent viewing.

Grimm Image Gallery
Pictures of David Giuntoli and Russell Hornsby in the early episodes of 'Grimm'

Grimm Goes to Series
NBC has announced that the supernatural pilot Grimm, starring David Guintoli as a homicide detective who encounters strange creatures right out of the Grimms' mythology, has been picked up for the fall season.

Cast Added to Grimm PIlot
Another of the legion of supernatural cop show pilots this season has added some names to its roster.

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