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Star Wars FAQ - Sci-Fi and Fantasy - About.com
Frequently Asked Questions about the Star Wars Universe.
Star Wars FAQ - Sci-Fi and Fantasy - About.com
Answers to frequently asked questions about the Star Wars characters, movies, and Expanded Universe.
Star Wars FAQ: What Do Lightsaber Colors Mean?
In the Star Wars Original Trilogy, the only lightsaber colors are red, blue, and green. The Prequel Trilogy adds purple, but only for Mace Windu's lightsaber.
Star Wars FAQ: Is Star Wars Sci-Fi or Fantasy? - Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Star Wars is a story of aliens and space battles; but it's also a story of ghosts and mystical powers. Is Star Wars science fiction, or is it fantasy? More importantly ...
How Many Clone Troopers Are There - Star Wars FAQ
At the beginning of the Clone Wars, the Republic contained over one million planets. That's not much more than three clone troopers per planet. For a real- world ...
Why Can't Aliens Speak English - Star Wars FAQ - Language in Star ...
The English spoken in Star Wars is nearly always meant to represent Basic, the most widely spoken language in the galaxy. Numerous aliens in the Star Wars ...
Star Wars Films - What's the Best Viewing Order? - Sci-Fi and Fantasy
The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy takes place before the Original Trilogy, but was released after it. ... Star Wars FAQ: What Do Those Lightsaber Colors Mean?
Why Do Jedi Disappear When They Die? Star Wars FAQ
In the Star Wars Original Trilogy, the only Jedi characters who die are Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, who both disappear. This led many fans to believe that all Jedi  ...
Star Wars FAQ: Where did the Clone Army Come From?
It's implied to the audience that Darth Sidious ordered the creation of the clone army in order to create the Clone Wars. While this isn't far off the mark, the truth is  ...
Why Can't Jedi Marry? - Star Wars FAQ
Newer Star Wars fans may not realize, however, that Attack of the Clones was the first time the idea of Jedi celibacy ever came up. In the Expanded Universe, ...
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