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JJ Abrams: The Idea Factory - Sci-Fi/Fantasy - About.com
When exactly did J.J. Abrams become sci-fi's golden boy? Anyone inclined to doubt his paramount status need only to look at how in demand Abrams is.
Star Trek - JJ Abrams on a Sequel, and Casting the Film
Director JJ Abrams talks about Star Trek starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Eric Bana. JJ Abrams on Star Trek, the possibility of directing another Star Trek ...
JJ Abrams Interview - Mission Impossible 3, Stunts, Tom Cruise
Writer/director JJ Abrams talks about Mission Impossible 3, keeping the franchise fresh, Tom Cruise and stunt work, visual effects, and the first two Mission ...
J.J. Abrams Talks About Lost - Lost Co-creator J.J. Abrams
J.J. Abrams, co-creator of Lost, talks about Lost and his other shows.
JJ Abrams Interview - Mission Impossible III, the Plot, the Stunts, and ...
Writer/director JJ Abrams talks about Mission Impossible III, working with Tom Cruise, making this movie more of a team effort, casting the other IMF agents, and  ...
J.J. Abrams Biography - J.J. Abrams from Lost - About.com
J.J. Abrams' Family: His father is television producer Gerald W. Abrams. He is married to Katie McGrath and they have two children, Henry and Gracie.
Mission Impossible III, Tom Cruise, and JJ Abrams - Hollywood Movies
Ving Rhames talks about Mission Impossible III, reuniting with Tom Cruise, working with writer/director JJ Abrams, and why the third film is more relatable.
J.J. Abrams Photo - Super 8 Premiere Picture - Hollywood Movies
Exclusive J.J. Abrams photo from the premiere of Super 8 held on June 8, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA.
J.J. Abrams Biography - About TV Dramas
A biography of J.J. Abrams who produces television shows and films.
Maggie Q Interview - Mission Impossible III, Training
Maggie Q talks about the movie Mission Impossible III, being the only female on the team, her role as Zhen in MI3, and working with director JJ Abrams.
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