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Mark Wilson

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Mark Wilson has been a science fiction and fantasy enthusiast and journalist for over thirty years with experience writing about speculative fiction for Science Fiction Weekly and other publications.


Mark's online publications include over 75 reviews and interviews for SciFi.com's Science Fiction Weekly, an experimental web comic called Galactic Zero, numerous short sci-fi episode parodies for FiveMinute.net, and several in-depth TV and film recap/reviews for Agony Booth. He has interviewed such notables as Ursula LeGuin, Sam Waterson, and David Hewlett, and written in depth about books, films, radio, and television.

Mark wrote for and edited the school newspaper at every institution he attended from the fourth grade. At college, he was News Editor and Editor-in-Chief of what was then Rutgers University's most popular campus weekly, The Medium. As a journalist, he was published in The (Dedham, Mass.) Daily Transcript, The Central New Jersey Home News, The New York Native, Christopher Street magazine, TheaterWeek magazine, and The (Bridgewater, N.J.) Courier News, as well as such college papers as The CUNY Graduate Center Advocate, The (Rutgers U.) Daily Targum, and The Medium.


Mark earned a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass media from Rutgers University.

By Mark Wilson:

All my life I've enjoyed science fiction and fantasy, not just as escapism, but as a way of exploring the boundaries and possibilities of human existence. From the first time I read The Lord of the Rings or sat down to watch Doctor Who, I knew that the strange new worlds I was being invited into exist, within us. My goal for the Sci-Fi / Fantasy site is to open up those possibilities for everyone, ardent fans and curious newcomers alike.


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