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Syfy Summer of One-Offs

By April 1, 2013

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Dimitri Leonidas as Anwar and Elliot Knight as the title adventurer in (I)Sinbad(/i).

Dimitri Leonidas as Anwar and Elliot Knight as the title adventurer in Sinbad.

© Sky1

Two of the pillars of Syfy's summer season apparently have no future. Both Sinbad and Primeval New World, scheduled to debut on Saturday, June 8, have been canceled by their originating networks, Britain's Sky1 and Canada's Space respectively.

Unless they are a phenomenal success here in the States (and clearly Primeval, at least, was canceled for a reason), it's hard to imagine Syfy resurrecting them on entirely on its dime. Sinbad villain Naveen Andrews, in fact, has already moved on, returning to ABC (where he was one of the co-stars of Lost, you'll remember) to join the cast of another one-word-titled show, a thriller called Reckless.

So that means that instead of viewing these series as open-ended tales, both the 12 episodes of Sinbad and the 13 of Primeval New World will be self-contained and circumscribed, like a miniseries, or Harper's Island.

It's not all one-offs. After the late spring/early summer runs of Warehouse 13 and Defiance launch later this month, Syfy has season 2 of the hit series Continuum debuting the night before, on Friday, June 7, and that's a show with a bright future.

It's a weird coincidence: With both Sinbad and Primeval, Syfy forged the deal to broadcast these series well ahead of their original airing, and subsequent disappointing viewing figures; Syfy then got left holding the bag. You'd wonder whether Syfy would rethink their burgeoning interest in supplementing their original, scripted series with purchased series from abroad unknown to American audiences, but these twin stumbles occur alongside the considerable success of other imports like Merlin, Lost Girl, and Continuum.
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April 5, 2013 at 6:44 am
(1) amy says:

Ive seen the first series of primeval new world and it was awsome me and my son who were huge fans of the original series absolutely loved it it was one of our favourite programmes we will be absolutely gutted if thats the end of it i could cry its just an amazing programme and we want it back for a second series and we want mac back to and connor!

April 13, 2013 at 11:33 pm
(2) Tinyurl.com says:

Precisely how long did it take u to create _Syfy Summer
of One-Offs_? It has got a great deal of good advice.
With thanks -Thelma

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