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Arrow Season 2: Roy and ARGUS

By April 1, 2013

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Colton Haynes as Roy Harper in a recent episode of (I)Arrow(/i).

Colton Haynes as Roy Harper in a recent episode of Arrow.

© Cate Cameron/The CW

Season 1 of The CW's smash hit Arrow is still in progress, but we're already starting to hear about the creative team's big plans for a success-capitalizing season 2.

Two items of interest in particular have surfaced recently: The series will introduce the DC Comics organization called ARGUS, as a sort of counterpart to the much more famous Marvel outfit, SHIELD (which, not coincidentally, now has its own show over on ABC); and Colton Haynes, who plays new young sidekick Roy Harper, has been made a series regular.

Series producer Marc Guggenheim revealed to upcoming role for the DC organization in a recent tweet. The main problem in migrating the group is that Arrow is not set in world full of super-powers, and the original full name of ARGUS is Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans. The assumption of super-powers seems less important in the DC universe in some ways anyway; sure, there's Superman, but Batman and Green Arrow rely on intense conditioning, agility, obsessive drive, and deep pockets to fight crime. So the shift to a organization called Advanced Research Group United Support isn't that jarring, though it's even more awkward than what SHIELD spells out to these days.

The point is, it's a smart way to allow Oliver to work with others when he wants to, and encounter rivals and subversives outside his own circle, effectively expanding the scope of the series.

Meanwhile, the cast is also being expanded, and key to this is an upgrade for the recently joined Haynes, who fell out with the creative team at Teen Wolf as season 3 began preparation. Haynes seems aware that his days of towering over his series star are over: over at Teen Wolf he was the big guy compared to leads Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien, but now he has to stand next to the uber-buff Stephen Amell. "I'm excited to be joining the Arrow team but not excited to be training in the gym to keep up with Stephen," he told Us Weekly, probably only half-joking.

"Having a younger character like Roy on the show could appeal to a wider audience--plus, his relationship with Thea is really blossoming," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "I'm very hopeful."
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