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Clone Wars Casts New Palpatine

By March 4, 2013

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Tim Curry will give the future emperor a growly edge of evil.

Tim Curry will give the future emperor a growly edge of evil.

© Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Star Wars: The Clone Wars has cast the replacement voice for its incarnation of Chancellor Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, next season: It's veteran voice actor (and occasional movie and TV star) Tim Curry, according to a report by Bryan Young on The Huffington Post.

Palpapine had been voiced in the Clone Wars CGI franchise ever since the feature film by Ian Abercrombie, who had been a prolific film, TV, and voice actor since the 1960s, showing up everywhere from Moonlighting to Moonlight (as, appropriately, a scary old man); his last feature film work before he died a year ago was as Ambrose on Rango.

Lucasfilm had some lead time to decide on a replacement voice actor with enough standing, experience, and heft, since Abercombie had a number of episodes in the can when he passed. The task was complicated not only by Abercrombie's work but the equally memorable vocal achievements of Ian McDiarmid in the live-action films.

"We had an extensive search to find a new voice for Palpatine," supervising director Dave Filoni told Young. "It wasn't just a matter of finding an actor who could to recreate lines from the films. We needed someone to deliver a performance that could stand alongside what Ian McDiarmid and Ian Abercrombie created as this legendary Star Wars character. At the end of the day, there is little question that bringing in an actor of Tim's caliber was perfect for Chancellor Palpatine."

"I think fans will find that he delivers the eloquence needed for the Chancellor," Filoni added. "His growling, evil, Sidious voice is a delight, because Tim can definitely tap into the dark side when needed. We are fortunate to have him."

Curry has a long resume as a voice actor, having been prominent on shows ranging from The Wild Thornberrys to Voltron to Duckman, where he played the title antihero's exasperated nemesis, King Chicken, with delicious relish. Even his most famous on-screen roles, in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Clue among many others, are arguably as much about the remarkable things he does with his voice as with his frame and face. As sci-fi fans know he even livened up the uneven Earth 2, cast in a dark role that he gave considerable life to. Curry has proven he'll know what he's doing as he starts recording the voice of the most deadly of the Sith.
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