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This Week: TV (Feb. 11-18)

By February 11, 2013

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Gewn (Angel Coulby) has been turned against Arthur on (I)Merlin(/i).

Gewn (Angel Coulby) has been turned against Arthur on Merlin.


This Week's TV Listings

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TELEVISION—New episodes this week from:

 Beauty and the Beast,
 Being Human (Syfy),
 Lost Girl,
 The Neighbors,
 Once Upon a Time,
 Star Wars: The Clone Wars,
 The Vampire Diaries.

Guest stars this week include director Michael Bay and comedian (and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me panelist) Alonzo Bodden on The Neighbors; Manu Bennett on Arrow; Xander Berkeley on Being Human.

Synopses below the jump. For details see the listings (regular or alphabetical). For sci-fi/fantasy movies on TV this week go to movie listings.

  • Arrow "The Odyssey" 114 (The CW, Wed Feb 13 8 pm). Oliver is shot and turns to Felicity for help. While he hovers between life and death, Oliver recalls a daring escape attempt with Slade Wilson on the island. Guest Cast: Manu Bennett (Slade Wilson).
  • Beauty and the Beast "Trust No One" 113 (The CW, Thu Feb 14 9 pm). Alex's trustworthiness is called into question by Cat and Vincent. Meanwhile, Evan makes a surprising discovery about the woman he's dating. Guest Cast: Bridget Regan (Alex); Christian Keyes (Darius); Kelly Overton (Claire).
  • Being Human (Syfy) "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth" 305 (Syfy, Mon Feb 11 9 pm). Liam is determined to turn Josh and Nora against Aidan, who has more immediate concerns when Kenny begins to suspect that Aidan is a vampire. Meanwhile, Sally and Max grow closer at the funeral home. Guest Cast: Bobby Campo (Max); Connor Price (Kenny); Xander Berkeley (Liam McLean).
  • Continuum "A Test of Time" 105 (Syfy, Mon Feb 11 8 pm). Kiera must protect her grandmother from Liber8.
  • Lost Girl "Faes Wide Shut" 305 (Syfy, Mon Feb 11 10 pm). Bo discovers a link between people dissolving into piles of goo and a swingers' club. At the same time, she takes bold action to put an end to Kenzi's clingy behavior. Guest Cast: Kristen Holdenreid (Dyson); Chris Collins (Hale).
  • Merlin "A Lesson in Vengeance" 507 (Syfy, Fri Feb 15 10 pm). Morgana and Gwen plot to kill Arthur.
  • The Neighbors "Mother Clubbers" 116 (ABC, Wed Feb 13 8:30 pm). Debbie and Jackie try to shed their "mom" personae by going out to a hot new club called Hell. Meanwhile, Marty and Larry get makeovers from Amber to improve their self-esteem. Guest Cast: Jay Huguley (Paul); Tim Bader (Nick); Stephen Guarino (Chad); Bradley Hasemeyer (Robert); Michael Bay (Himself); Alonzo Bodden (Bouncer).
  • Once Upon a Time "Manhattan" 214 (ABC, Sun Feb 17 8 pm). Mr. Gold, Emma and Henry go to Manhattan to look for Bae. Meanwhile, Regina and Hook search for a cherished item of Rumplestiltskin's; and back in fairy-tale land, Rumplestiltskin comes to terms with his fate as he participates in the Ogres War. Guest Cast: David Quinlan (Father); Rachel Shelley (Milah); Ethan Embry (Greg Mendell); Mackenzie Gray (Hob); Shannon Lucio (Seer); Aaron Brooks (Soldier); Michael Raymond-James (Neal Cassidy).
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much" 520 (TOON, Sat Feb 16 9:30 am). Ahsoka is falsely accused of murdering Letta Turmond. Anakin comes to her defense, but Ahsoka is still forced to go on the run to prove her innocence.
  • Supernatural "Trial and Error" 814 (The CW, Wed Feb 13 9 pm). Sam and Dean try to close the gates of hell, after Kevin deciphers the tablet and learns that one person must complete three tests designed by God to achieve the task. The first mission is to kill a hellhound. Guest Cast: Osric Chau (Kevin).
  • Touch "Enemy of My Enemy" 203 (Fox, Fri Feb 15 9 pm). Guillermo continues his hunt for the 36 Righteous Ones; Jake helps Lucy locate a woman who may be linked to Amelia; an Aster Corporation worker crosses the border in Pakistan.
  • The Vampire Diaries "Down the Rabbit Hole" 414 (The CW, Thu Feb 14 8 pm). A stunning piece of information about the cure is revealed, and it raises the stakes for everyone. Meanwhile, Damon has an ugly encounter with one of the five hunters; and Shane is comforted by a woman from his past. Guest Cast: Charlie Bewley (Vaughn); Joseph Morgan (Klaus); Camille Guaty (Caitlin); David Alpay (Shane).
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