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This Week: TV (Feb. 4-11)

By February 3, 2013

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Jake (David Mazouz) leads Martin to Los Angeles in the (I)Touch(/i) two-hour season 2 premiere.

Jake (David Mazouz) leads Martin to Los Angeles in the Touch two-hour season 2 premiere.

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This Week's TV Listings

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TELEVISION—New episodes this week from:

 Beauty and the Beast,
 Being Human (Syfy),
 Lost Girl,
 The Neighbors,
 Once Upon a Time,
 Star Wars: The Clone Wars,
 Touch (season premiere),
 The Vampire Diaries.

Guest stars this week include Hal Linden (!) on Supernatural; David Anders (Heroes, Once Upon a Time) on Arrow; Cassidy Freeman (Smallville) and Jorge Garcia on Once Upon a Time; Bridget Regan continues on Beauty and the Beast.

Synopses below the jump. For details see the listings (regular or alphabetical). For sci-fi/fantasy movies on TV this week go to movie listings.

  • Arrow "Betrayal" 113 (The CW, Wed Feb 6 8 pm). A vicious criminal is released from prison and tries to regain his position as leader of the underworld. His first task is to take down his biggest threat, Arrow. Meanwhile, Oliver questions Moira about the names in his father's notebook; and Lance makes a critical mistake that puts Laurel in danger. Guest Cast: David Anders (Cyrus Vanch).
  • Beauty and the Beast "Cold Turkey" 112 (The CW, Thu Feb 7 9 pm). Cat interrupts Vincent's romantic getaway with Alex. Meanwhile, Evan finds a bug in his lab. Guest Cast: Bridget Regan (Alex).
  • Being Human (Syfy) "I'm So Lonesome I Could Die" 304 (Syfy, Mon Feb 4 9 pm). Sally confronts Aidan over his reckless behavior; and Josh, in between trying to get hold of untainted blood, tags along when Nora visits her family.
  • Continuum "Matter of Time" 104 (Syfy, Mon Feb 4 8 pm). A scientist on the verge of an energy breakthrough is murdered, sending Kiera and Carlos on a hunt for the killer.
  • Lost Girl "Fae-de to Black" 304 (Syfy, Mon Feb 4 10 pm). Bo won't allow herself to feed, which might be a decision that bites her in the end. At the same time, she and Dyson tap into the world of New Age psychology as they work together on a case; and Kenzi, who feels left out by her friends, shows a vulnerable side.
  • Merlin "The Dark Tower" 506 (Syfy, Fri Feb 8 10 pm). When Gwen is snatched from Camelot without warning, Merlin knows there can only be one person responsible: Morgana. Arthur is determined to save his Queen but it's not going to be easy, for she is locked in the Dark Tower, a place that haunts the dreams of men.
  • Misfits "Episode 3.6" 306 (Logo, Sat Feb 9 1 am). Rudy awakens from a one-night stand with a woman who has the power to give people super powered STDs, horrified that he has now contracted it.
  • The Neighbors "Space Invaders" 115 (ABC, Wed Feb 6 8:30 pm). Debbie gives relationship advice to Reggie Jackson when he starts dating a nerdy girl, though his parents can't even believe he has romantic interests. Meanwhile, Amber's new boyfriend is a dumb jock, but she doesn't want to talk to her mom about him. Guest Cast: Grant Harvey (Jeremy); Dean Cameron (Luke).
  • Once Upon a Time "Tiny" 213 (ABC, Sun Feb 10 8 pm). A giant is kidnapped and brought to Storybrooke, where he tries to settle an old score with David. Meanwhile, Mr. Gold departs for the airport in search of Bae; Greg has questions for Belle; and back in fairy-tale land, a giant befriends some humans. Guest Cast: Cassidy Freeman (Jack); Abraham Benrubi (Arlo); Ethan Embry (Greg Mendell); Jorge Garcia (Giant/Anton); Lee Arenberg (Leroy/Grumpy); C. Ernst Harth (Abraham).
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Sabotage" 519 (TOON, Sat Feb 9 9:30 am). Anakin and Ahsoka investigate an explosion at the Jedi Temple.
  • Supernatural "Everybody Hates Hitler" 813 (The CW, Wed Feb 6 9 pm). Sam and Dean are attacked by a golem when they investigate a rabbi who spontaneously combusted. The probe reveals the rabbi was researching Nazi sorcerers. Guest Cast: Adam Rose (Aaron); John DeSantis (Golem); Hal Linden (Rabbi Bass).
  • Touch "Event Horizon" 201 (Fox, Fri Feb 8 8 pm). In the Season 2 premiere, Martin and Jake join Lucy's search for her daughter, Amelia, in California.
  • Touch "Closer" 202 (Fox, Fri Feb 8 9 pm). Aster Corporation's Calvin Norburg hopes to make a significant discovery; and religious zealot Guillermo Ortiz concentrates on his vision.
  • The Vampire Diaries "Into the Wild" 413 (The CW, Thu Feb 7 8 pm). Shane leads an expedition to a mysterious island near Nova Scotia, where he believes he can locate a cure. Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler confronts Klaus, which leads to violence that involves Caroline. Guest Cast: David Alpay (Shane); Joseph Morgan (Klaus); Claire Holt (Rebekah).
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