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This Week: TV (Jan. 28-Feb. 4)

By January 28, 2013

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Kyle Schmid as Henry in this week's (I)Being Human(/i).

Kyle Schmid as Henry in this week's Being Human.

© Philippe Bosse/Syfy

This Week's TV Listings

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TELEVISION—New episodes this week from:

 Beauty and the Beast,
 Being Human (Syfy),
 Lost Girl,
 The Neighbors,
 Star Wars: The Clone Wars,
 The Vampire Diaries.

Guest stars this week include Alaina Huffman on Supernatural; Janina Gavankar on Arrow.

Synopses below the jump. For details see the listings (regular or alphabetical). For sci-fi/fantasy movies on TV this week go to movie listings.

  • Arrow "Vertigo" 112 (The CW, Wed Jan 30 8 pm). Thea is arrested when she is caught with a drug called Vertigo and could face time in prison. Oliver tries to help by searching for the dealer; and Laurel agrees to defend Thea in court. Meanwhile, Felicity tells Oliver some disturbing news about Moira. Guest Cast: Seth Gabel (The Count); Janina Gavankar (McKenna Hall).
  • Beauty and the Beast "On Thin Ice" 111 (The CW, Thu Jan 31 9 pm). Vincent is conflicted by his feelings for Cat and his former fiancée. Meanwhile, Tess investigates the mysterious death of a billionaire adventurer's wife. Guest Cast: Bridget Regan (Alex).
  • Being Human (Syfy) "The Teens They Are a Changin'" 303 (Syfy, Mon Jan 28 9 pm). Nora and Josh wonder how to deal with a runaway teen; Sally tries to make things right with a ghost and meets a new love interest; and Aidan and Henry continue to look for clean blood. Guest Cast: Kyle Schmid (Henry).
  • Continuum "Wasting Time" 103 (Syfy, Mon Jan 28 8 pm). Kiera and Carlos investigate a murder spree in which the victims have strange holes bored in their skulls.
  • Lost Girl "ConFaegion" 303 (Syfy, Mon Jan 28 10 pm). Bo's houseguest Vex unwittingly brings trouble to her doorstep when a Morrigan shows up looking for vengeance; and it's up to humans Kenzi and Lauren to swoop in and save the day for their Fae friends.
  • Merlin "The Disir" 505 (Syfy, Fri Feb 1 10 pm). Three soothsayers known as the Disir order Arthur to return to the old ways and legalize sorcery, or else Camelot will suffer their wrath.
  • Misfits "Episode 3.5" 305 (Logo, Sat Feb 2 1 am). In the midst of her community service, Kelly switches bodies with Jen, a coma patient. Utilizing Kelly's body, Jen escapes the hospital and reconciles with her former boyfriend. The gang starts to notice when Kelly hardly turns up for Community Service and doesn't bother going to have a drink with Seth. Jen is finally caught out and the gang drag Jen's coma-induced body (in which Kelly is trapped) to the Community Centre. Seth manages to convince Jen to swap back after she and her boyfriend fell out and after Jen (in Kelly's body) stabbed and killed Shaun the probation worker. They swap back, and Jen's boyfriend turns off her life support. Seth and Kelly reconcile as the rest of the gang bury Shaun's body.
  • The Neighbors "The Back Nine" 113 (ABC, Wed Jan 30 8:30 pm). A competition between the Weavers and the Bird-Kersees for membership at a new country club comes to a head at an open house for prospective members. Guest Cast: Patrick Cassidy (Mr. Easterling).
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars "The Lawless" 518 (TOON, Sat Feb 2 9:30 am). Description to come.
  • Supernatural "As Time Goes By" 812 (The CW, Wed Jan 30 9 pm). Sam and Dean meet a man who claims to be their grandfather. The man says he traveled through time to stop a demon. Guest Cast: Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester); Alaina Huffman (Abbadon).
  • The Vampire Diaries "A View to a Kill" 412 (The CW, Thu Jan 31 8 pm). Klaus turns to Stefan for help when Rebekah refuses his plea to stop Kol and protect Jeremy. Meanwhile, Bonnie has a frightening encounter with Kol; and mayor Hopkins cancels a school dance, but Stefan finds a charming way to make it up to a disappointed Rebekah. Guest Cast: Nathaniel Buzolic (Kol); Rick Worthy (Mayor Hopkins); Claire Holt (Rebekah); Joseph Morgan (Klaus).
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