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This Week: Dec. 3-10

By December 3, 2012

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This Week: TV | Video | Hardcovers | Paperbacks | Trailers

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This Week: TV
Defending a vampire, more vampires in '40s New Orleans, a looming disappearance goes the wrong way, and more. Read more...

This Week: Video
The culmination of everything Nolan-Batman, a boy who's emerged from a childless couple's garden, a bayou girl faced with a changing world, the live-action video game prequel you didn't see in cinemas, and a clumsy kid who trades bodies with a star NBA player, plus high-def rereleases of both a sci-fi masterpiece and Christmastime cult classic/best-forgotten snorefest (delete according to preference). Read more...

This Week: Hardcovers
The tumultuous days after the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano; internecine vendettas in a far future empire; dire magical experiments by mortals at a boarding school cast blame on one of the secret coven of student witches; a Japan-dominated Pacific in 1942 forces ragged American naval forces to fight back or face utter defeat; a vibrant forest forms the backdrop for wild experimental fantasy; an agent of the philosophical police is faced with the social conflicts arising from access to immortality; a dark tale of a humanity-eradicating virus--and the disaster that happened after; plus a deluxe history of the Stark Trek universe Federation and a collection of stories by Tom Doyle. Read more...

This Week: Paperbacks
Newly released paperbacks in science-fiction and fantasy this week include books by Kevin J. Anderson, Dakota Cassidy, Molly Cochran, Peter F. Hamilton, Tracy Hickman, Tanya Huff, Mercedes Lackey, Cherie Priest, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Mike Resnick, Moira Rogers, Nalini Singh, Gregory D. Sumner, Harry Turtledove, and more. Read more...

This Week: Trailers
All sorts of random stuff, from new glimpses at next summer's fantasies to a passel of anime TV series. Read more...

Tags: The Dark Knight Rises, Epic, Rising Sun
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