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This Week: Nov. 12-19

By November 12, 2012

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This Week: TV | Film | Video | Hardcovers | Paperbacks | Trailers

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This Week: TV
Conflict rages this week across the TV spectrum, from betrayal within the Fringe team to the return of Adalind on Grimm. Read more...

This Week: Film
Bella finds out what being a vampire, and a mom, is all about; a Russian advertising whiz drowns in post-Soviet consumerism; and fifty years on, you'll still be ducking all those pigeons who have it in for Tippi Hedren. Read more...

This Week: Video
A big release week as we edge toward the holidays, with a feisty warrior-princess, a bunch of ordinary Joes fighting an alien menace, the Ponds' swan song, the succubus who wouldn't knuckle under, a lyrical Japanese animated fantasy, Buck and Hawk exploring the galaxy together, a grab-bag of Pixar shorts, and the latest crop of genre has-beens facing off in a Syfy movie snow-down. Read more...

This Week: Hardcovers
This week in new hardcovers: New books from Mazarkis Williams, Terry Brooks, Drew Karpyshyn, Neil Gaiman, Michael Avon Oeming, and much more. Read more...

This Week: Paperbacks
Newly released paperbacks in science-fiction and fantasy this week include books by Philip Jose Farmer, Seth Grahame-Smith, Jonathan Green, Nalo Hopkinson, David Mack, Cherie Priest, J.M Water, and more. Read more...

This Week: Trailers
New trailers and clips this week: The cast of minions returns, a drug that give a new meaning to the word tripping, engineered muscleheads fight to the death, Bilbo's journey looms ahead, and much more. Read more...

Tags: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Age of Scorpio
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