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Felicia Day Returns to Supernatural

By November 5, 2012

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Felicia Day as Charlie Bradbury in

Felicia Day as Charlie Bradbury in "The Girl with the Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo" (Supernatural 720).


We love Felicia Day. We just do.

Whenever and wherever she shows up, whether on TV or in real life, the Dr. Horrible star is magnificent and mesmerizing. She radiates a sense that there's a value in supergeekness--that absorbing the unreal scenarios of sci-fi or YouTubing or video gaming not only enriches her life but broadens her capacity to make sense of the world. There's something potent and sexy about the way she projects a sci-fi verve right through her slightly awkward glasses-girl-without-the-glasses persona.

And Supernatural, which has been specializing for years in casting outstanding actors to play compellingly off-kilter characters that can profitably play off the often stone-faced, world-weary warriors Sam and Dean, is bringing her back. Finally having found a slot in her busy schedule to bring back Charlie, the quirky and endearing hacker queen that helped the brothers against the Leviathan exactly once last year (in the excellently named story "The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo"), Day confirmed that she spent Halloween on the set of Supernatural in Vancouver.

Though Day was on Eureka for an extended run, that show was so busy with plotlines and story arcs that shje didn't shine as well as she could have. But her Supernatural appearance, scripted by executive story editor Robbie Thompson (who also wrote a couple of the other highlights from last year, the Eliot Ness episode "Time After Time" and the imposter Sam and Dean story "Slash Fiction"), was a nice example of strong writing making possible a star turn. Hearing she's back is possibly the best news since she showed up the first time.
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