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ABC Orders Pilot for SHIELD

By September 3, 2012

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Our Hero: Joss Whedon at the (I)Avengers(/i) premiere in April.

Our Hero: Joss Whedon at the Avengers premiere in April.

© Jason Merritt/Getty Images

With his feature film superhero team-up The Avengers having racked up a mind-spinning $1.5 billion worldwide (and earning a rerelease to capitalize on the buzz produced by all that capital), Joss Whedon is riding high on the back of Marvel's highly leveragable franchise franchise--and it's not done with him yet.

Even before he gets around to The Avengers 2, the release of which is a few years away (May 2015, specifically), Whedon will get to maneuver the momentum back toward his old stomping ground, episodic television. (Right now is an auspicious time for him to reenter TV production, with Firefly incidentally being feted on its ten-year anniversary.)

Anyway, the point is that ABC has greenlit the shooting of his pilot for SHIELD, written by Whedon with brother Jed and Maurissa Tancharoen, collaborators with Whedon on Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible. "The important thing to me is that we know what the show is. We love what it is. It came together very organically."

Interestingly, the series is meant to find its own path rather than hewing too closely to the movie arc. "It's going to work very well for people who either love the Marvel Universe or for people who've never dipped a toe in the Marvel Universe," he said.

SHIELD, an acronym for Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, "will center around the espionage and law enforcement agency led by Nick Fury in the cinematic universe." Some reports have Samuel L. Jackson reprising the role of Fury from the films; certainly that's the ideal outcome. But the extent to which the story will pivot on Fury is not clear, either. Will Whedon himself be guiding it closely week-to-week if the pilot sells? Maybe not: it's said he won't be showrunner if SHIELD goes to series, though he'll direct the pilot if he can.
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May 13, 2013 at 8:57 pm
(1) Bran Ravensong says:

Nick Fury wasn’t a black man, that was only for Marvel Ultimates. The best Nick Fury so far was David Hasslehof as he actually looked like Nick

May 20, 2013 at 2:50 pm
(2) Jim says:

Neither was The Kingpin or TheThing’s Alicia but you gotta play to the black audience. Otherwise, how do you account for a NORSE god(Heimdall) being black. Give me a break. To be fair, maybe the BLACK PANTHER could be played by a white dude. And HOGAN THE GRIM was a Scandinavian Asian??? Who would have guessed!!!!!

May 27, 2013 at 10:46 am
(3) Pharaoh says:

The original Vikings were black. the world has had enough of the whitewash!

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