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This Week: TV (Mar. 12-19)

By March 12, 2012

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Darth Maul is out for revenge in the season finale of (I)Star Wars: The Clone Wars(/i).

Darth Maul is out for revenge in the season finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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This Week's TV Listings

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TELEVISION—New episodes this week from:

Being Human (BBC),
Being Human (Syfy),
Lost Girl,
Once Upon a Time,
The Secret Circle,
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (season finale),
The Vampire Diaries.

Guest stars this week include Cassidy Freeman (Smallville) on The Vampire Diaries; Clifton Powell (Ray, the Friday sequels) on Awake; Kyle Schmid recurring on Being Human; Joe Lando recurring on The Secret Circle.

Synopses below the jump. For details see the listings (regular or alphabetical). For sci-fi/fantasy movies on TV this week go to movie listings.

  • Awake "Guilty" 103 (NBC, Thu Mar 15 10 pm). Michael's parallel realities begin spinning into chaos when his son is kidnapped by an on-the-lam convict who has a connection to Michael's past. In his other dimension, Michael searches for a missing teenage boy, yet developments in both worlds cause others to doubt Michael's sanity. Guest Cast: Clifton Powell (Cooper).
  • Being Human (BBC) "A Spectre Calls" 404 (BBCA, Sat Mar 17 9 pm). A ghost from the 1970s comes to stay at Honolulu Heights.
  • Being Human (Syfy) "When I Think About You I Shred Myself" 209 (Syfy, Mon Mar 12 9 pm). An old friend visits Josh; Sally finds out more about the Reaper; Aidan tries to save Henry's life. Guest Cast: Kyle Schmid (Henry Durham).
  • Lost Girl "Fae Day" 109 (Syfy, Mon Mar 12 10 pm). Bo and Dyson try to help a Light Fae, who has been marked for death, reconcile with his brother.
  • Merlin "The Hunter's Heart" 411 (Syfy, Fri Mar 16 10 pm). Morgana joins forces with a warlord in a plot to topple Camelot. Meanwhile, Arthur prepares to marry a princess from a neighboring kingdom, and Gwen finds herself in the warlord's lair.
  • Once Upon a Time "Heart of Darkness" 116 (ABC, Sun Mar 18 8 pm). Mary Margaret asks Mr. Gold for legal help when Emma has to arrest her for the murder of Kathryn. Meanwhile, in the fairy-tale world, Prince Charming hopes he can interrupt Snow White's plan to assassinate the Evil Queen before it's too late. Guest Cast: Michael Coleman (Happy); David Paul Grove (Doc); Jim Shield (Royal Guard); Meghan Ory (Ruby/Red Riding Hood); Eion Bailey (August); Gabe Kouth (Mr. Clark/Sneezy); Lee Arenberg (Leroy/Grumpy).
  • The Secret Circle "Lucky" 116 (The CW, Thu Mar 15 9 pm). Blackwell searches for a device that will drain a witch's power. Meanwhile, Faye is surprised when she meets a girl who claims to be Lee's girlfriend; and Melissa encourages Diana to date a normal guy. Guest Cast: Grey Damon (Lee); Joe Lando (Blackwell); Alexia Fast (Eva).
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Revenge" 422 (TOON, Fri Mar 16 8 pm). In the Season 4 finale, Savage and Maul plot revenge, forcing Obi-Wan to team up with Asajj.
  • Supernatural "Out With the Old" 716 (The CW, Fri Mar 16 9 pm). Sam and Dean investigate after a ballerina dances herself to death, and their probe reveals that the ballet slippers the victim wore are cursed. When Dean accidentally touches them, the curse takes hold of him.
  • The Vampire Diaries "1912" 316 (The CW, Thu Mar 15 8 pm). Damon recalls murders from 1912 that are eerily similar to a present-day crime spree. Meanwhile, Elena and Matt try to prove that Dr. Fell is a killer. Guest Cast: Marguerite MacIntyre (Sheriff Forbes); Cassidy Freeman (Sage); Claire Holt (Rebekah); Torrey DeVitto (Dr. Fell).
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