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Fifth and Final Season of Eureka Starts April 16

By February 20, 2012

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The case of (I)Eureka(/i) returns soon. Pictured: Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Allison Blake, Niall

The case of Eureka returns soon. Pictured: Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Allison Blake, Niall Matter as Zane Donovan, Joe Morton as Henry Deacon, Erica Cerra as Jo Lupo, Neil Grayston as Douglas Fargo, Colin Ferguson as Jack Carter.

© Art Streiber/Syfy

That phrase--"fifth and final"--is starting to sound awfully familiar. Eureka is the latest series to get capped at five years in advance, before the fifth season even airs. (Season 5 will launch on Monday, April 16--alongside the season 2 premiere of Lost Girl.)

This leads us to wonder--is it better for the fans, knowing that that is the valedictory season, spared from will-they-make-it-to-another-year stress that comes around every year at cancellation time?

Knowing in advance can make things better for the creators, at least, allowing them to build up to a finale--but this wasn't the case for Eureka: season 5's scripts were in place before plans for season 6 were scrapped. In the end a single extra episode was wrangled from Syfy, allowing a brief opportunity to hurriedly tie of story threads and add a sense of culmination to the series overall.

What can we expect from season 5? According to Syfy, lots, including another shift of similar magnitude--though of a different nature--to the one that transformed and revitalized the show at the start of season 4.

Star Colin Ferguson has already teased that the first episode of season five--which he called "hands down, undeniably the best episode we've ever done" and which he thought should have been the season 4 finale--"takes a left turn at the end of the episode that no one sees coming. It turns the whole series on its ear for the next arc that they go on. It's awesome and the best cliffhanger we have."

And now Syfy has let us in on a bit more of the nature of that left turn. Don't read this graf if you don't want to know that as the season kicks off, the town is dealing with the aftermath of last season--the Astraeus and her crew having mysteriously vanished just before their planned launch to Titan. When they finally crash land, Allison and the crewmembers are shocked to find themselves back in Eureka--and that they've been missing for four years. As the town copes with the personal changes that have happened during their long absence, Sheriff Carter and Henry try to uncover the truth about the forces behind the crew's bizarre disappearance--with, the network warns us, deadly results.

Among those returning for the final season are guest stars Wil Wheaton (Big Bang Theory, Star Trek: The Next Generation) as the contentious Dr. Parrish and Felicia Day (The Guild, Red) as Dr. Holly Marten.
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February 20, 2012 at 8:56 am
(1) bgrhu says:

“Star Craig Ferguson has already teased…”

Craig’s definitely a tease, but you probably mean *Colin* Ferguson.

February 20, 2012 at 10:34 am
(2) scifi says:

Ha ha, oops.

July 16, 2012 at 10:52 pm
(3) Dan Wit says:

Sifi, look up eureka season 6 on Google, scroll down to to where the heading starts as: It’s Official, then click on it, then read comments. You’ll probably rethink this.

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