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Grimm Renewal Predicted; Terra Nova, Thrones Look Ahead

By January 29, 2012

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David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt and Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin in (I)Grimm(/i).

David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt and Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin in Grimm.

© Scott Green/NBC

A roundup of the various futures being predicted for Grimm, Terra Nova, and Game of Thrones.

Grimm—The same pundits, TV By the Numbers, that insisted that the ratings number-crunching for A Gifted Man pointed toward certain cancellation have now singled out Grimm for the opposite fate, calling the NBC series with a once-uncertain future "certain to be renewed."

The TVBN calculation includes the most recent airings, in which Grimm's numbers have been increasing in potency, at least relative to NBC's notoriously weak stable. Grimm's 1.8 rating for its Jan. 20 episode was tied with Law & Order: SVU as NBC's best drama rating for the week—remarkable for a show that many, including TVBN's Bill Gorman, guessed during its turbulent preproduction wouldn't make it past its freshman year.

Terra Nova—Meanwhile, Fox signaled that "everyone just has to stand by" to hear whether their expensive sci-fi experiment Terra Nova will be picked up for another year. But star Jason O'Mara has been thinking ahead to what would make the series more exciting.

"When we use dinosaurs, I really hope they're completely kick-ass dinosaurs—no half-hearted dinosaurs," O'Mara told TVLine at Monday's New York premiere of his new action-comedy, One For the Money (opening Friday). "Maybe it's better to have a totally awesome dinosaur in one episode, rather than seeing a dinosaur every episode that isn't quite there."

O'Mara also rooted for more material place in the "awesome" 2149 setting, more mythology, and a full-on villain. He suggested James Earl Jones for the role of ultimate baddie, "since Sam Neill is already in Alcatraz." (Sam Neill does make a great bad guy. Remember Crusoe? "I say, Jeremiah, that look could geld a stoat.")

Game of Thrones—George R. R. Martin is also thinking ahead anxiously to the second season of the show based on his novels. In this case, he's worried about how with show will fare now that the central figure of Eddard Stark, played by Sean Bean, has been killed off. Martin is feeling unnerving parallels to a series he used to write for, Beauty and the Beast. "Linda Hamilton decided to leave after the second season, and so we killed off her character right at the beginning at the third season and the ratings just went through the floor," Martin said at the Golden Globes. "People hated it and the show was done after that."

Eddard Stark with snuffed in the penultimate episode of season 1, following the storyline established in the novel. "We've only had one episode after Sean's character died and, well, we'll find out how it affects things," Martin said. "It was a big shock to a lot of people and it was interesting to see the response to it. It's something I did, you know, 16 years ago when the book came out. So it wasn't a secret, of course, but I could see the shock of it in the emails I got and on the blogs and the headlines. Time will tell how it affects the show, but hopefully the rest of the characters and their stories have become compelling to people... but I have to admit I worry about it a little after the experience with Beauty and the Beast and Linda Hamilton." I don't think George has much to worry about, do you?

Falling Skies—One thing is certain about the future of this TNT series: a lawsuit—over a typeface, of all things. THR is reporting that Turner Broadcasting is being sued in federal court over Falling Skies's unauthorized use of font software designed by Matius Gerardo Grieck for their opening titles and associated marketing. The suit comes on the heels of NBC Universal settling a case accusing Universal of stealing the Harry Potter font for merchandising sold at its theme parks—a suit brought by the same attorney now representing Grieck. If the designer gets his way, Falling Skies DVDs and other merchandise bearing the allegedly stolen font will be recalled and destroyed.
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