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This Week: Movies (July 25-Aug. 1)

By July 24, 2011

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Daniel Craig stars in (I)Cowboys and Aliens(/i), out in theaters this week.

Daniel Craig stars in Cowboys and Aliens, out in theaters this week.

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MOVIES—Opening this week:

Cowboys and Aliens (2011)
It's not coming up on the average Joe's lists of comic book adaptations they've been anticipating this summer, probably because it doesn't come across as one (it's based on the 2006 Platinum graphic novel by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Fred Van Lente, and Andrew Foley). Film pundits are giving mixed messages about this film's potential success—because no one went to Jonah Hex, does that really mean that graphic-novel-based sci-fi/westerns are nonstarters? But at the end of the day, I think word of mouth is going to build strong, if not massive, audiences for what looks so far like a smashing film from Jon Favreau (Iron Man), especially as Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig seem perfectly cast as old dogs of the West forced to put aside their antagonism in the face of a brutal alien invasion. More details below the jump.
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The Smurfs (2011)
There are children's movies that lure in adults who'll enjoy it as much as, or more than, the kids (think Shrek)—and then there are movies like The Smurfs, which, judging from the trailers and interviews I've seen, no adult will be able to endure without serious bleeding from the ears. The voice cast and live action leads are all talented enough, but the director is Raja Gosnell (the Scooby-Doo movies and Beverly Hills Chihuahua), and the lead writing team's last credit is—wait for it—Daddy Day Camp. More details below the jump.
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  • Cowboys and Aliens (2011). Synopsis: A spaceship arrives in Arizona, 1873, to take over the Earth, starting with the Wild West region. A posse of cowboys are all that stand in their way.. Director: Jon Favreau. Stars: Daniel Craig (Jake Lonergan), Harrison Ford (Woodrow Dolarhyde), Abigail Spencer (Alice), Buck Taylor (Wes Claiborne), Matthew Taylor (Luke Claiborne), Cooper Taylor (Mose Claiborne), Clancy Brown (Meacham), Paul Dano (Percy Dolarhyde), Chris Browning (Jed Parker), Adam Beach (Nat Colorado), Sam Rockwell (Doc), Ana de la Reguera (Maria), Noah Ringer (Emmett Taggart), Brian Duffy (Deputy), Olivia Wilde (Ella Swenson), Keith Carradine (Sheriff John Taggart), Brendan Wayne (Charlie Lyle). Universal Pictures.
  • The Smurfs (2011). Synopsis: When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours.. Director: Raja Gosnell. Stars: Hank Azaria (Gargamel), Neil Patrick Harris (Patrick Winslow), Jonathan Winters (Papa (voice)), Alan Cumming (Gutsy (voice)), Katy Perry (Smurfette (voice)), Fred Armisen (Brainy (voice)), George Lopez (Grouchy (voice)), Anton Yelchin (Clumsy (voice)), Kenan Thompson (Greedy (voice)), Jeff Foxworthy (Handy (voice)), John Oliver (Vanity (voice)), Wolfgang Puck (Chef (voice)), Gary Basaraba (Hefty (voice)), Paul Reubens (Jokey (voice)), B.J. Novak (Baker (voice)), Tom Kane (Narrator Smurf (voice)), John Kassir (Crazy Smurf (voice)), Joel McCrary (Farmer (voice)), Frank Welker (Azrael (voice)). Columbia Pictures.

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