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Series to Profile Sci-Fi Prophets

By January 10, 2011

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Director Ridley Scott.

Director Ridley Scott.

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In principle, it's always good to get the creators of sci-fi out front--the personal stories of the people who make our favorite stories are can help inspire the next generation just as much as the stories themselves.

So it's good to hear that Ridley Scott is producing a new eight-episode series for the network titled Prophets of Science Fiction that examines such legendary sci-fi artists as Isaac Asimov, Gene Roddenberry, and George Lucas. The series, slated to premiere during the latter half of 2011, is being produced for Discovery's Science Channel by Ridley and Tony Scott, who are also working on the adaptation of Charlaine Harris's Grave Sight, among other projects.

The real question is, will these be in-depth examinations, or fluff? And in eight episodes, are they going to stick to the obvious choices, or throw in some intriguing names that aren't on the tip of everyone's tongues?

Prophets will not be simple biography or Behind the Sci-Fi gossip, at least. The idea seems to be to attempt to visualize the profiled subject's vision, by "will engage audiences in a dynamic, hyper-stylized way that has yet to been seen before on television. Viewers will be taken on a tour of what was--and what will be--through the eyes of the ingenious authors, illustrators, filmmakers, and scientists" who shaped sci-fi.

Ridley Scott, who lest we forget was the director of Alien and Blade Runner, says he's doing the project out of personal interest. "I am thrilled to be partnering with Science Channel on this exciting new series. I hope that the audience will find the subjects as interesting and inspiring as I do," he said in the press release.

Why Science Channel? "Science Channel is thrilled to go on this journey with Ridley beyond imagination into the world of the unknown," said Debbie Myers, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Science Channel. "Science is sparked by creativity, and the remarkable individuals we cover in this series actually inspired future generations of scientists."
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