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This Week: Movies/DVD (Jan. 10-17)

By January 9, 2011

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Rago (Ronald Allen) confronts The Doctor (Patrick Troughton) in

Rago (Ronald Allen) confronts The Doctor (Patrick Troughton) in "The Dominators."


MOVIES--Opening this week:

The Green Hornet (2011)
I know, it's not really sci-fi/fantasy. But the Green Hornet is a "caped crusader," so to speak, and this reboot is definitely part of the longstanding conversion of superheroes into feature films. Plus, Bruce Lee, who starred in the 1960s TV series, was a superhero in real life. So there you go. By the way, in addition to the Syfy marathon of the TV series, some of the Green Hornet serials from the 1940 starring Gordon Jones and Keye Luke are coming out on DVD this week as well. More details below the jump.
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HOME VIDEO--Out on DVD and Blu-Ray this week:

Doctor Who: The Dominators (1968)
This Second Doctor story is from the same authors as "The Abominable Snowmen" and its sequel, "The Web of Fear," and carries the same kind of energy and invention as the two Yeti stories. It places the sadistic Dominators and their cutesy servitors, the Quarks, against their pacifistic victims, the inhabitants of the planet Dulkis; their grim struggle is in sharp relief to the lovely dynamic between the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe. Not nearly as much fun as the following story ("The Mind Robber"), but still one of the defining adventures of the Second Doctor's era. Features include Commentary; Recharge and Equalise; Photo Gallery; Tomorrow's Times - How the media reported on the Second Doctor.
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Doctor Who: Meglos (1980)
Not the best story from Tom Baker's final year as the Doctor, but memorable (this is the one where the Doctor is being impersonanted by a cactus--the make-up for which is actually quite good). Longtime fans can enjoy the guest appearance by Jacqueline Hill, one of the program's original regulars ("Are you prepared to swear allegiance to Ti, Doctor?"). Features: Commentary track by actors Lalla Ward and Christopher Owen (Earthling), co-writer John Flanagan, and incidental musicians Paddy Kingsland and Peter Howell; "Meglos Men," about the writing of the story;"The Scene Sync Story"; "Jacqueline Hill - A Life In Pictures" featuring interviews with actors William Russell (Ian Chesterton) and Ann Davies (Jenny in The Dalek Invasion of Earth and Hill's best friend), Producer Verity Lambert, and Hill's widower Alvin Rakoff; "Entropy Explained"; Photo Gallery; PDF Files; Isolated Music option.
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  • The Green Hornet (2011). Synopsis: By night, debonair newspaper publisher Britt Reid fights crime as a masked superhero known as The Green Hornet. At his side is martial arts expert Kato.. Director: Michel Gondry. Stars: Seth Rogen (Britt Reid/The Green Hornet), Jay Chou (Kato), Cameron Diaz (Lenore Case), Tom Wilkinson (James Reid), Christoph Waltz (Chudnofsky), David Harbour (Scanlon), Edward James Olmos (Axford), Jamie Harris (Popeye), Chad Coleman (Chili), Edward Furlong (Tupper), Jill Remez (Daily Sentinel Reporter), Joe O'Connor (Daily Sentinel Reporter), Morgan Rusler (Daily Sentinel Reporter), Joshua Chandler Erenberg (Young Britt). Columbia Pictures.
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